Why Shagun Ajmani quit the show?  Why Shagun wants to play only negative roles!


Actress Shagun Ajmani (previously Garima Ajmani) who was  seen in the negative role of Shabnam in Jamai Raja   feels the negative roles are much more challenging and interesting to play on camera and for the same reason she has quit the show because her character was turning positive. She adds,” “Also the show was taking a leap, so I was not aware where would be my character  going. My main reason of leaving the show was my character was turning from negative to positive. Already we have four positive characters in the show, audience does not want an overdose.” Shagun feels a negative character also stays for long in audience’s heart. Shagunis a big fan of Urvashi Dholakia who is more famous for her negative portrayal of Komolika on Indian TV screen. She adds,”I have worked with Urvashi Dholakia in the show Geeta where she played my mother. I have noticed her very closely she is very good in that show too. And her portrayal of Komolika was superb. People still remember her for that.” Talking more on her fondness for the grey roles Shagun says,” I prefer to do negative roles because there is so much to learn from it and a lot of scope for performance. I don’t like to cry, I make people cry.” Shagun also has a dream of playing a character like Priyanka Chopra in Aitraaz, she feels Priyanka played the character so nicely that people still remember her.