Randeep Hooda wins heart with his Laal Rang performance

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Randeep Hooda, whose recent release Laal Rang may not have got much appreciation from critics but the actor has received many praises for his role from the critics, industrywalla’s and the audience.
Hooda, who started his career with Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding, has never looked back. He has always won the praises for his character he has player. Right from a goon to police officer to painter to Gujjar truck driver to blood mafia to an Indian farmer, he has always hit the right note with his acting.
  1. Randeep Hooda’s character Shankar spreads its charm and completely absorbs us into his blood transfusion racket where he plays both the devil and savior. Hooda owns the screen with his spontaneity and rustic appearance. In short, he is a chameleon. – Hindustan times
  2. Randeep is the only one holding forte. He plays the brooding, elusive, sinister Shankar with elan. In the romantic scenes, he is effectively charming. At one point when he flashes a shy, dimpled smile at his girlfriend, you can’t miss that he has all the makings of rustic romantic hero. – Times of India
  3. Randeep Hooda is one of the most underrated actors working in Hindi cinema today. But give him a role – any role – and he digs his teeth deep into it and turns in an absolutely riveting performance.  – NDTV
  4. Some actors never fail to deliver, and Randeep Hooda is one of them. – Rediff
  5. Hooda is a true-blue Jat and can and does sound authentic. Indian Express
  6. Randeep Hooda as Shankar is devilishly charming. The swagger that he pulls off as Shankar, sporting the loud printed shirts, riding the Yamaha RX 100 is completely amazing. He is sure to make the ladies swoon! Randeep Hooda puts up an absolutely brilliant act. – Koimoi
  7. This crime drama is essentially a tribute to the charms of leading man Randeep Hooda. He slinks about like a panther, content with the knowledge that he is the movie’s star even when he is corrupting half the population. – Scroll. in
  8. it is Randeep Hooda who gives a killer performance in this one. One didn’t have doubts about Hooda’s talent earlier, but it is roles like this that fully show what he’s capable of. Not many actors can come across as so hot and cool at the same time. – Midday
  9. The sincerity with which Hooda has essayed the role is commendable and makes you admire the versatility of the actor.  – News 18
  10. As it happens, this man – who we first saw in Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding in 2001 – is one of contemporary Indian cinema’s most talented, most under-rated actors. It is a mystery why he is not a bigger star. – First post
  11. Randeep Hooda gets into the skin of the nitty gritty of the character and holds the entire film on his own shoulder. Hooda is an arrogant actor, but rightly so. He is very, very good. He’s been given a personality here and many, many dialogue, all crackling ones, which he delivers with punk and attitude – Deccan Chronicle
  12. Randeep Hooda is in his element, relishing his role as the badass with a soft side- Live mint
  13. Randeep Hooda rarely disappoints with his assiduously portrayed onscreen characters. With this latest outing, he only ups his game because Hooda + Haryanvi is always an electrifying combination! – Quint
  14. The film belongs to Randeep Hooda. He portrays the role of Shankar with sincerity, bringing out the finer nuances of his character to the fore, he slips into the complex role of the heartless professional and a soft-hearted romanticist with flamboyance and guiltless ease. IANS