A sketch from a fan for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

asj sketch

Fans have always been a very integral part of a star’s stardom. It is the overwhelming love from the fans that inspire the actor further to perform even better and touch more hearts, but things fans do can really get you amazed and grateful.


The BTown beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was recently shooting in the capital for her upcoming biopic. There was a lot of crowd gathered to get a glimpse of her; hence the security was upped along with barricades for the smooth functioning of the shoot. But like we say ‘Love has no boundaries’, a fan made her way through to Aishwarya and showed her something that even she was surprised to see. It was a beautiful sketch of the actress, which the fan had made for her superstar.


“She had made the sketch right there sitting behind the barricades. We had been observing what she was sketching, but were amazed to see the whole sketch. She made it in hardly 10-15mins!” says a source.


The humble actress greeted her with utmost love and respect and also wrote a note for her along with her autograph. She also thanked her for making her feel so special. After all, fans are the one who make you a star.