Rajniesh Re-lived His College Time ‘Angry Young Man’ days As Bicky Shukla In ‘Direct Ishq’ releasing on 19th Feb.


Real life means reel life – This was pretty much the case for Rajniesh Duggall when he started shooting for Direct Ishq. As Bicky Shukla, a youth leader in Banaras, he had a task cut out, which was that of playing an Angry Young Man with a heart of gold. Well, as it turned out, this wasn’t really tough for the Delhi boy. Reason? During his college days, he was pretty much a similar, if not the same person. “I think somewhere that Bicky Shukla was always there in me since the college days,” says Rajniesh, who is a product of APJ School of Management, Delhi, “When I was 22-23 year old, I was a very short tempered guy. There were three of us in a group, and we always used to get into brawls. Since we were into a Management course, we tried to stay a little away from trouble par kuch na kuch ho hi jaata tha. The three of us were from East, West and South Delhi respectively. Ab imagine karo, poora Dilli saath tha toh aisa toh hona hi tha.”No wonder, when the part of Bicky Shukla came his way, Rajniesh 
was delighted as he could now revisit the college days gone by.”Yeah, this is what gets the action on screen,” smiles Rajniesh, “College mein toh itni fight nahi kar paaya par chalo screen par ho gayi. You know, I was quite short tempered even when I modeling. It was acting that got it all tamed down. I realized that itna gussa acchaha nahi hota hai.”As for his part in the Rajiv S. Ruia directed film, he knew that there had to be a change in body language and lingo, considering the fact that the film is set in a small town.”Bicky’s mindset is very different from that of a city boy, so that change had to come in. That said, in his overall personality, I could see that Bicky was always there in me. It was just the words I speak and the body language that had to be worked upon.”We would like to see that on screen once this Pradeep Sharma produced film releases all over on 19th 
February under his banner Baba Motion pictures Pvt Ltd.