Sriram Raghavan helped restructure Diksha Jyoti’s ‘The Ideal Bride’

ideal bride

Diksha Jyoti’s nine-minute documentary ‘The Ideal Bride’ is set to be showcased on 1st February 2016, in the documentary section of the Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF).  The documentary takes us through a journey of how women’s lives get limited to a kitchen in Indian households. A woman could be tortured or subjugated very politely under the veils of responsibility. And this to the extent that she ceases to exist in the fabric of a typical joint family structure. What’s worse is that no one realises it! The director shares that this documentary inspired by her own experiences is dedicated to every such invisible woman around the world.

Director Sriram Raghavan who happens to be a friend of Diksha’s husband has guided with the ending to make the climax more dramatic.  Interestingly, Raghavan’s first documentary had been showcased in MIFF