Was Vivek Mishra considered for Kung Fu Yoga?

vivek mishra

Jackie Chang’s most talked about film Kung Fu Yoga already has an Indian actor Sonu Sood in it and next we heard that nude yoga guru last seen in Bigg Boss was also considered for a role in the film. When asked Vivek says,”It was unexpected to get to considered for kung Fu Yoga. I have grown up watching Jackie Chang’s films and used to copy his mannerism and fighting skills as a kid. Who does not want to do a film with a legend? I always want to do meaningfull roles and quality project. For me quantity does not matter. But right now I can’t comment on the film.” Vivek is known for his nude yoga teaching, so which Bollywood actors you would teach nude yoga and why? “I think Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor are the two young and talented actors as the mass will connect with them . They can be a perfect ideal icon to inspire the youth to pursue yoga be it Astang Yoga or naked yoga.” And what about the TV fraternity? “I guess Vivian Dsena as he needs no special efforts to look hot and he is quie fit too and this combination is a killer one for nude yoga.”