Sudeep Sahir Name change for the entire family!

sudeep sahir

TV actor Sudeep Sahir who is playing the role of Raghu in Dream Girl has changed his name  and his family members names.

Sudeep have lot of interest in astrology.The actor says,”I find astrology very interesting.Infact,I have done a lot of reading on astrology.I have read Kundali of family and friends just for practice.Numerology is an extension of astrology so I wanted to give it a try.Change is something I am always open to.I didn’t want to change my name so I changed my spelling in December 2014..My new spelling is ‘Ssudeep Sahir’.Numerology is for the betterment so I thought to change it for my wife Anantica Sahir earlier it was ‘Anantika’.”
On being asked why he changed the surname of his son he says,”I believe that if we are doing something then we should do it with full faith.So when numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani suggested that I should change the spelling of my surname for my son Arwaan I immediately changed my surname.So now his full name is ‘Arwaan Saher and ours remains the same ‘Sahir’.”
When he was asked that changing his name made a difference to his career or luck the actors says,”One has to give everything some time to show its results but one thing is for sure that there is a lot of positive energy.All my family members and friends are mostly supportive about it but just for a fun they call me Ssudeep (like Shahrukh Khan’sKkkkiran).”