I am blessed to  have Percy in my life- Delnaaz Irani!

delnaaz percy

Delnaaz Irani who did power couple is in a relationship with Percy Karkaria and have found true love. She says, “He is definitely looking at marriage and lots of babies. But I am superstitious. I believe that maybe, I am unlucky on that front. I fear that if I put a stamp to the relationship, it will end. Once I am over this fear, we would probably be in a better position.“Clearly cherishing the love in her life, she continues, “I don’t want to lose Percy and this relationship. I am blessed to have him in my life. I am in this dreamland and don’t want the bubble to burst. In the end, marriage is just a piece of paper. We are living-in together and are like a married couple. I feel that if you are happy in a situation, leave it at that.“

What impressed Delnaaz about Percy was the fact that he was never enamoured by her celebrity status.She says, “I couldn’t believe that there could be a man who does not judge me. He was totally unfazed by my celebrity status. He loves the real me. He knew what I was going through in life during the separation and stood by me like a rock.There is no space for ego in our relationship. God has made one namoona for me, and he is my anchor in the truest sense.“

Last seen on Power Couple, they believe that the reality show helped them rediscover each other.“It has been a fantastic journey and we got to know each other better with every passing day ,“ says Delnaaz