Launch of Krishndasi

L_R Shweta Mahadik, Uday Tikekar, Jiten Lalwani, Producer Vipul Shah, Creative Producer Kutty Padmini, Indira Krishnan,

Producer Vipul Shah from Optimystix Entertainment said,The production value builds on the grandeur of the tradition while showcasing Aradhya’s dilemmas about her roots and pedigree. Kutty Padmini and Vaishnavae Media Works Ltd. have tremendous experience when dealing with the Devadasi concept; with help of dynamic creative team at Optimystix we have touch upon a fresh perspective to this property. With this show, we are extending our partnership with COLORS and look forward to combining our energies to make this show a national success.”


Speaking about the concept of the show, creative producer Kutty Padmini from Vaishnavae Media Works Ltd said, “Krishndasi explores an age-old practice; a concept that has been lost in the pages of history but continues to exist in the bylanes. We have made an effort of maintaining a contemporary backdrop to build present-day relevance engaging viewers across the country. After tasting success with the Tamil version of the show, we are excited to recreate the drama for the Hindi viewing audience and replicate the success once again with Krishndasi. ”


Along with the aforementioned cast, Krishndasi will bring together popular television faces like Uday Tikekar as Pradyuman (Aryan’s grandfather), Jiten Lalwani as Shashwat (Aryan’s Father), Shweta Mahadik as Pavitra (Aryan’s Mother), and Tasha Kapoor as Gayatri (Aryan’s sister) among others.