Marathi Film Review – 702 Dixit’s Rating 4.5 Most gripping Marathi film!



702 dix poster

By Aryeman Raj

Salute and a standing ovation to Director Shankh Rajyadhyaksha for coming with an ultimate, edge-of-the-seat thriller with 702 Dixit’s!


Shankh has earnestly utilized his skills as a film editor and conjured up a sleek and taut thriller. Never do you as an audience yawn or feel uncomfortable in your seat. Every scene is meticulously shot, just with the right proportion. There is never an overdose or out-of-place ‘commercial’ filler. Emotions are balanced and never blown over-the top.

Shankh shows the promise of the New-age emerging film directors who can make thrillers with just a one-liner. He has ensured that all loopholes which could crop into your mind are systematically and effectively disclosed at the right juncture of the film.

Story, Screenplay

While the Marathi film industry is being flummoxed and infiltrated with comedy subjects, this film comes as a vibrant change. Kudos to the writer Rohit Jail and the screenplay writer Ruturaj Dhalgade for ensuring that the inspiration of a real life incident could be fictionalized with such meticulous efficiency.


Gauri Nigudkar holds the fort with her sterling performance. There is no over-playing of her character and she stands out with brilliance.

Pallavi Patil is poised, effective and stylized. Her strong bearing character proves that she can carry a film on her shoulders.

Vijay Aandalkar does a competent job with the limited scenes he has. You are almost tempted to see this split personality character  into a tizzy with his quirky smile.


Music director Shubhankar has come up with some peppy tracks which unfortunately have got limited screen space. Good beats have been infused with a melodious touch which is commendable

Box-office rating

The film has an urban flavour which will appeal to the elite audiences. A must watch film which will cover its cost. It could be a trendsetter of sorts for thriller films in the Marathi film industry.