First look of Bollywood film – Chauranga (Four Colours)


Set in the dark hinterland of India where tradition and modernity collide precariously, Chauranga is inspired by a real incident. Fourteen-year-old Santu wants to go to school like his older brother Bajarangi. Their mother works as a maid at the mansion of the upper-caste village headman with whom she is having a dangerous, secret liaison.

Chauranga (9) Chauranga (10) IMG_8494 3When Bajarangi comes home from boarding school on holiday, he exposes Santu to the dreams of city life. But Santu’s destiny was pre-written in a village that’s steeped deep in caste-hierarchy and debauchery. Unaware of the consequences, he is nurturing defiance and courting a few dangerous infatuations that can topple the equations of caste in the village. How far will his defiance take him? What will be the price of his escape?



Santu (Soham Maitra): A fourteen year old rebel, whose dream is to go to school like his elder brother. His favourite pastime to count the bogies of the train that goes to the city where he wants to escape and his love – his master’s daughter who rides a bright red scooter to school every morning!

Dhaval (Sanjay Suri): A man who is threatened by the imminent change – his ancestral mansion has lost its glory with the abolition of Zamindari system. A man literally cut into two – who loves a lower-caste woman but can’t bear the thought of his own daughter falling for a “low-born”.

Dhaniya (Tannishtha Chatterjee): The careless village woman, who would go to any extend to secure a future for her children. An immensely independent woman but being a single mother in a caste-ridden village also makes her the most vulnerable one.

Nidhi (Arpita Chatterjee): The beautiful wife of the most powerful man in the village. Though on the surface, she appears to be the most dutiful wife but deep within she craves for her own space. A silent rebel who will surprise everybody one day.

Pandit (Dhritiman Chatterjee): The blind village priest who has lived his life of celibacy but now craves for some intimacy.

Bajarangi (Riddhi Sen): Santu’s elder brother who goes to a town school and has seen many Bollywood films about love.

Mona (Ena Saha): The daughter of Dhaval; Santu’s love interest.

Raghu (Anshuman Jha): Dhaval’s right hand man who aspires to be like him one day. One who doesn’t speak much but his mind is full of voices.

Shambu (Delzad Hiwale): Raghu’s right hand man. A kid, who is full of life but is also capable of killing for the sheer fun of it.