Farhan Akhtar – “Salman was like an older brother to me. He taught me how to cycle and skateboard!”  


Farhan also says, “Hrithik, Uday, Adi, Abhishek, Goldie and I have spent a lot of time together; there used to be lots of birthday parties. I remember there used to be a lot of dance competitions back then, which were a lot of fun. Can you guess who would win these? Adi (Aditya Chopra) used to win all dance competitions! Adi was the dancing champion. He was the guy to beat. Can you imagine that?!”

“I came into the industry as Mr. Bachchan’s work inspired me. Between shots and during free time, I used to always go up to Mr. Bachchan and talk about his films that influenced me. So we spoke a lot about Deewar, Sholay, Shakti. Wanted to know from his point of view what that whole experience was like, how he approached certain scenes. He shared everything with me. It was a wonderful experience to spend time with him.”