Nadeem Saifi: ‘We should bring back the Indian flavour in our music’

nadeemLegendary composer Nadeem Saifi will be seen making his comeback to Bollywood with upcoming rom-com Ishq Forever and though the composer is glad about the comeback, he also seems quite disappointed with the way Bollywood music is getting influenced by the West. Continue reading “Nadeem Saifi: ‘We should bring back the Indian flavour in our music’”

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gets a standing ovation from the crew of Sarbjit which included 100 junior artists



Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has always been known as the Beauty Queen of Bollywood and an extremely talented and versatile actress. She is known as the world’s most beautiful woman and there is no comparison to her international connect and her fan following, but with the role she is playing in her upcoming film ‘Sarbjit’ which is directed by the National Award Winning director Omung Kumar, we believe the actress in her will set a new benchmark for herself.


According to a source, Aishwarya got a standing ovation and a round of applause from everyone present on the set for her phenomenal performance that she delivered. It was a speech with heart wrenching dialogues, which she had to deliver in one go that is seemingly to get back to the protestors who were protesting against Sarbjit and his family. The talented diva did the same with so much perfection and immense real feelings that her performance left everyone with goosebumps and teary eyes. Everyone present on the premises took a moment to gather themselves and then stood up to clap in respect of the actress’s magnificent effort.


“With 25 years of experience, Aishwarya stands tall as one of the most efficient and professional artists.  And since she pulled off a 2mins performance oriented scene so gracefully in one take, with no cuts and retakes, it was more like a real moment than a scene being filmed.” says the producer of ‘Sarbjit’, Sandeep Singh.


Aishwarya has made us proud with every step she took and we are sure our queen will do the same in this film. We look forward to watch ‘Sarbjit’ which is now slated to release on the 19th of May 2016.

25 Years Completion of actor Manoj Joshi’s Famous Play “Chanayka”

manoj joshi.jpg


Chanakya, is a great, significant,  vibrant and dynamic personality in Ancient India. Originally he is a Guru of Economics and Political Science in ancient University of Takshasheela.

Producer Manoj Barot and charu joshi started Chanakya play 25 years ago which has become a huge success till date .Actor Manoj Joshi who has played the character of Chanayka who is always fascinated by the Chanakya,he wanted to do something in this regards.

Manoj Joshi is fortunate enough to be with Chanakya for last 25 years, 300 months and 950 shows throughout the world in Gujrathi and Hindi. Chanakya was staged in Indian Parliament too. 

so on this occasion of completion of 25 years of super success of the play many bollywood big names came in front like to congratulate  Rohit Shetty,Director Aneez Bazmee,Actor Jackie Shroff and many more

Bharti Singh makes her Big Bollywood Splash with Divya Khosla Kumar’s Sanam Re!

bharti singh.jpg

Bharti Singh is now a household name and can be titled as the “Queen
of Comedy.” The versatile comedian can play virtually any role with
ease and has people rolling on the floor with laughter. While she has
established herself as a known face on television, Singh is all set to
make her debut on the Big Screen with Divya Khosla Kumar’s Sanam Re
releasing on week of love, February 12th, 2016. Her role has been kept
a top secret but a little birdie tells us that she is sure to receive
claps and whistles for her amazing dialogue delivery and comic timing.
Bharti who juggles a hectic TV schedule had a blast shooting for the
film and bonded really well with the cast and crew, she had everyone
in splits whilst even on the sets of the movie!

Amruta Fadnavis sings for Jai Gangaajal

amruta fadnis

Amruta Fadnavis, the wife of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, has started her career in Bollywood as a singer. She  has already sung for two songs, one is from Kunal Kohli’s Phir Se, and Prakash Jha’s soon-to-release cop drama, Jai Gangaajal. On this Prakash Jha says,”I heard the song she had sung for Kunal Kohli and liked her voice. It’s lovely, silky and very deep, I felt it was just what our devotional song, “Sab dhan maati”, required so I asked my composers, Salim-Sulaiman, to try her out. They liked her too and we recorded the track last month in two sessions over a couple of hours.”
The film has 12 songs and all of them play in the background. The song crooned by Amruta is part of a sequence which features Jha himself, he informs, “I play Priyanka’s junior, Deputy Superintendent of Police, BP Singh, and the song appears at a character transformation moment.”
When further asked what was the reaction of CM, he says, “I have no idea but Amruta was a pleasure to work with.  Very simple, no airs, enthusiastic. She quietly came, recorded the song and left. The music directors later wanted to re-dub certain portions and without any fuss she came back and did the needful.”

Jai Gangaajal, starring Priyanka Chopra, Prakash Jha, Manav Kaul is slated for 4th March, 2016 release.

Chicken Curry Law – Parody on the Indian Legal System.


chicken curry law

Up coming Hindi film Chicken curry law, is an sensational, thought provoking story of struggle for justice,  it truly depicts  the law fight of a foreigner,   against the  wealthy corrupt citizens, with the help of  common citizens  Story also throws  light on severe social problem of women safety too.   film is directed Shekhar Sirrinn and produced by Shankar Kn, under the banner of  “Seven Hills cine creations”.  Story writing and screenplay are also done by Shekhar Sirrinn.

The name of the film itself sounds funny, but it sarcastically speaks the bitter frustrating truth, that many times, Indian legal system  is misinterpreted by any type of criminals,  to prove themselves innocent, just like  chicken curry goes well  with any type of bread or rice.  Its really worth thinking.

A Russian dancer, Maya has come to India to groom up her career in the Indian entertainment industry. During her journey of success, once, she gets excessively drugged and raped  by two fraudulent men from minister families. Career dreamer, foreigner Maya, turns to a rape victim,  In spite of being foreigner, having no knowledge of Indian legal system, Maya decides to struggle for justice, but our influential system  denies justice to her and names  Maya as a “prostitute”.

Though Maya is a foreigner, , Rama Shinde, who is NGO runner and fighter for the social cause of women victims, decides to help Maya, in her continuing chase for justice,. Rama Shinde  convinces and hires lawyer Sitapatishukla. He is a pav bhaji seller by profession and past as a lawyer. The main attraction of the film is  Sitapati’s fight for Maya’s justice against the politically strong and rich criminal. His genuine frustration and agony on the legal system, will surely awaken  public expressions. Meanwhile, as usual Interference of media, politicians, in judiciary system, is also involved in their justice battle .   

However, what is a end result of this vigorous  fight for justice ? do they really become successful ?  Viewers will get all answers, only after watching the film.

The subject of the film is realistic and very much closer to an individual’s everyday life, which will surely attract  a mixed educated audience across all age groups.

Various characters in the film are played by  film industry Famous actors like AshutoshRana, Makarand Deshpande, ZakirHussain , Jaywant wadkar, Natalia Janoszek, Manoj joshi, , Suresh Menon, Ganesh pie etc…

Five songs in the film  are voiced  by renowned film music  singers like Kailash Kher,shalmali kholgade, Shaan, Jagpreet, Shekhar Sirrinn.  Lyrics of these songs are written by Shekhar Sirrinn, Manthan Veerpal, Shabbir Ahmed , where as all these songs  are composed by Shekhar Sirrinn.

Yami Gautam masters the art of Horse Riding for Sanam Re! 

yami horse
Yami Gautam is known to be a perfectionist. So it did not come as a surprise when the pretty actor who has a love for animals decided to master the art of Horse Riding for her upcoming flick Sanam Re. For the song “Gazab Ka Hain Din” Yami and Pulkit are seen riding horses in the mountains of Canada with effortless ease. However, what one does not know is the amount of effort it took to learn a tough skill like Horse Riding over a few days! Yami would wake up as early as 5 am before shooting and and train with the horses, eventually she fell in love with the gentle animals and was even riding on horses as a break between shoots. She would request the trainers to take her for long distance rides, gin beyond what was required for the shots. Yami has been an animal lover since she was a little girl and the chance of bonding with horses while at work was a dream come true for her! 

Sunny Leone’s most candid interview


sunny apologises

Sunny Leone has said “sorry” to Sunny Deol for the jokes on the two which are doing the rounds, and has even taken responsibility for them. “Mr. Sunny Deol, I just wanna say that I am so sorry, mujhe maaf kar do, kyunke itne horrible, weird jokes ho gaye aapke aur mere uparmeri wajah se. So I am sorry.” (Please forgive me, because of the many horrible, weird jokes on you and about me – all because of me). She sent out this message while speaking about her upcoming adult comedy film Mastizaadeon hotstar’s Malishka-anchored show M Bole Toh.

It was like a reveal-all conversation which saw Sunny reminisce about her childhood, divulging never-before details about her personal life, past and present, including the story of how she was wooed by husband Daniel, her advice for sex addicts, her idea of an ideal man, whether she thinks Indians have double standards on sex, what it takes for a woman to wear a bikini regardless of size, and more.

“I wasn’t popular; In fact there is a picture of mine floating around on the internet, which has me in aunibrow and hair all over the place! I didn’t really discover myself until I turned 19. I used to play with GI Joes and not Barbies!  I never thought of myself as hot or sexy.”

Sunny comes through with disarming honesty and poise, even as her fun-loving, girl-next-door personality shines through the interaction on M Bole Toh. She can also be seen indulging in some fun-filled activities and games on M Bole Toh, which is now live on

Since Sunny plays a teacher to a sex addict group in Mastizaade, she shares her definition of a sex addict and also sums it up with a bit of advice: “I think if it takes over your mind and your ability to have a normal life, then the person is a sex addict and should seek help.”

What kind of a guy would be Sunny’s ideal man? She says, “For me it has to be the whole package. It’s not just about being funny. They should have a sense of humour, they should take care of their bodies, groom themselves, and have their own sense of style. There is nothing nicer than a guy who knows his sense of style, knows what he wants, and not a guy who needs his girlfriend to say wear this T shirt and these jeans, here’re your shoes, your socks, your sneakers, out you go!”

She speaks about her marriage with Daniel, how he wooed her, and about their wedding at a Gurudwara. “Daniel is hot, sweet, funny and makes me laugh all day. We’ve been together for eight years now, and have been married for five. We got married in a Gurudwara and had a very traditional Punjabi wedding. He still turns red when I talk about him.

“Daniel is more the romantic one than I am. He definitely worked to get my attention – wherever I’d go… to a restaurant or anywhere else… he would send a dozen roses or a box of chocolates, and then when I used to go home, I’d find flowers on the steps. He was a borderline stalker! It had never happened with me before that a guy tried so much or made so many efforts to impress me. He would write me beautiful letters and stuff. At the end of the day, a girl wants a prince who treats her like a princess.”

Clearly still in love, Sunny also talks about the tradition of Karva Chauth: “I don’t keep (the) Karva Chauth (fast) for Daniel as we are more spiritual than religious.”

On being asked if Indians have double standards towards sex, Sunny says gracefully, “I think that people are a lot more accepting, a lot more open minded than we give them credit for; I am a walking proof of that. If people had double standards and were this way, I wouldn’t have been here.”

Sunny, on being asked for tips to maintain a bikini body, says: “I normally eat healthy khana, and work out a lot. But I think for a woman to be in a bikini, whatever the size,  it takes guts and a little bit of courage and confidence,” she said on a segment of the popular show.


Sunny also urges women to embrace their bodies and let go of their inhibitions. “Just love your body; who cares what size you are?! The whole world knows I have curves, so one just has to embrace it. I have been to places where I see short women, tall women, skinny women, in their bikinis. They are happy, they are proud, strutting their stuff, having a good time. I think you just have to let go.”

TV stars at the award function of Apex Pvt. Ltd!!

Apex Pvt. Ltd recently had their annual award function with TV stars. They launched two mega trophies for the next year achievement.  Since 2000, Apex is India’s only risk management company & most innovative company in the true sense, providing services to the medical fraternity of India. From single office to 20 offices & having its services across 26 states!
This award function happened in the presence of  Mr.Raj Kumar ( GM of North India) , Vijay Arora (CEO Apex Group), Rohit Mishra (GM of W/S India) Jay Pandey (GM east India) and Sanjay Mishra .
TV star Vije Bhatia and Balraj Sayal added glimpses to the function. Amazing Apex always comes up with amazing solutions to the problems there.Today, we noted that credibility and awarded the sales employees with great passion and immense appreciation an organization of 400 members binded together with loyalty, values and celebration.

All about Star Plus new show TAMANA

Dharaa aka Anuja Sathe poses for the camera at the press launch of Star Plus's new  show Tamanna...jpg

Tamanna features Anuja Sathe as the protagonist Dharaa Solanki – her passion for cricket and her journey through the different phases of her life. Staying true to STAR Plus philosophy ‘Rishta Wohi, Soch Nayi’, the show challenges the existing stereotype that a woman’s dreams come with an expiry date as it showcases how Dharaa endeavors to fulfill all the relationships in her life, as well as to retain her drive to pursue her unconventional dream.

In a nation where cricket is worshipped almost like a religion, Tamanna will present a unique take, which will encompass relationships at home and work with cricket as a powerful backdrop.

An original finite series, Tamanna is an inspirational story of Dharaa Solanki essayed by Anuja Sathe, a well-known face in the Marathi Entertainment Industry, who takes the leap to mainstream Hindi television with ‘Tamanna’. She said, “Tamanna is the story of a simple girl Dharaa, who has an unconventional dream of becoming a cricketer. Everyone faces challenges at various junctures in their life but nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and most importantly, your dreams. Despite the various hardships that Dharaa faces, she doesn’t give up on her dreams. Young girls and women will definitely relate to Dharaa’s story. For me, to take up this show was a big challenge. The approach with regards to the dialogues, the writing and the characters is very different and that’s what the best thing about Tamanna is. There is something new in everything we do.”

“Tamanna is a special dedication to women across the nation who nurture unique aspirations. Not everyone dares to dream and even those who do, do not always get an opportunity to fulfil them. Women especially, are often refrained from realizing their dreams because of many reasons like marriage, society and sometimes just the sheer expectation to live up to the many roles she essays – a daughter, a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law etc. Tamanna is an inspirational story that we hope will encourage women to look back on their dreams and maybe give them another chance. Said Waseem Sabir, director

Sons of veteran actor Ramesh Deo, Abhinay and Ajinkya the duo have successfully established themselves in the Hindi film industry with movies like Delhi Belly, Game and their upcoming 2016 release, Force 2. Tamanna also marks acclaimed Bollywood Director Abhinay Deo’s original finite fiction television show as the series director.

The story is set in the aesthetically rich cities of Jamnagar, Meerut and Mumbai with a stellar cast that includes veteran actors including Ketki Dave, Kiran Karmarkar, Harsh Chhaya, RajLaxmi and Vishal Gandhi as part of the series. Saumya Joshi is the writer who has pieced the show together and Waseem Sabir has been roped in as the Director.


Tamanna to air from 1st Feb, Monday to Saturday at 10 pm on Star Plus


The Solanki Family from Star Plus's new show Tamanna

Every woman has a dream, but does she see them coming true?” said Abhinay Deo. It was this thought which inspired the talented director to conceptualize the story of STAR Plus’s upcoming show Tamanna: a story about a woman and her dreams.’ Tamanna brings alive the journey of Dharaa – set on a path to fulfill her dreams and her struggle to conquer all the hardships that come her way. Designed as a finite series, the show is being produced by Ajinkya Deo. The renowned producer-director duo, together, are all set to narrate this unconventional story about a common girl from 1st February, 2016 onwards every Monday to Saturday at 10 PM on STAR Plus.

Sudeep Sahir Name change for the entire family!

sudeep sahir

TV actor Sudeep Sahir who is playing the role of Raghu in Dream Girl has changed his name  and his family members names.

Sudeep have lot of interest in astrology.The actor says,”I find astrology very interesting.Infact,I have done a lot of reading on astrology.I have read Kundali of family and friends just for practice.Numerology is an extension of astrology so I wanted to give it a try.Change is something I am always open to.I didn’t want to change my name so I changed my spelling in December 2014..My new spelling is ‘Ssudeep Sahir’.Numerology is for the betterment so I thought to change it for my wife Anantica Sahir earlier it was ‘Anantika’.”
On being asked why he changed the surname of his son he says,”I believe that if we are doing something then we should do it with full faith.So when numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani suggested that I should change the spelling of my surname for my son Arwaan I immediately changed my surname.So now his full name is ‘Arwaan Saher and ours remains the same ‘Sahir’.”
When he was asked that changing his name made a difference to his career or luck the actors says,”One has to give everything some time to show its results but one thing is for sure that there is a lot of positive energy.All my family members and friends are mostly supportive about it but just for a fun they call me Ssudeep (like Shahrukh Khan’sKkkkiran).”

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The Ahmedabad Express Team Launch Party

ahmed group
BCL’s Ahmedabad Express Team had their launch party yesterday with team owners Nandish Singh Sandhu and Mrunal Jain playing the perfect hosts at Esco Bar in Bandra.  Vikas Bhalla set a musical mood to the party by crooning to some romantic numbers on stage.  Team members in attendance included Aishwarya Sakhuja, Rohit Nag, Tina Dutta, Mohammad Nazim, Aasiya Kazi, Jasveer Kaur, Toral Rasputra, Aakanksha Singh, Prerna Wanvari, etc.  On the other hand the team also had a lot of supporters including the likes of the current Ms.India’s and ex Ms.India Ankita Shorey, Dabangg director Abhinav Kashyap, Prabhu Deva, Terrence Lewis, JD Majithia, Eijaz Khan, Sana Khan, Chang, Munisha Khatwani, Kushal Punjabi, Urvashi Dholakia, Anju Mahendru, etc.  Girlish Kumar along with the cast of Loveshhuda was also seen at the launch party promoting his upcoming film as well as singing a song to his upcoming movie. The cake cutting happened post the launch where the team members were seen excitedly celebrating the beginning of the second season of this cricket competition in which they are hoping to bring the trophy home!

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