Juhi Chawla took riding lessons for CND  



Juhi Chawla returns to entertain the audiences with her infectious smile with her upcoming film Chalk N Duster. The veteran actress apparently took riding lessons for the movie. She last rode a scooty in Yes Boss.


Reportedly the makers of the film decided to have a different yet realistic poster of the film that had Juhi Chawla riding with Shabana Azmi on a scooty. Juhi Chawla took riding lessons in the compound of her building for a couple of days till she could balance properly on the vehicle.


Juhi shares, ‘I’d almost forgotten how to ride a bike…then one day my business manager Preet Kaur who is also also the executive producer of my film lands below my building on her scooty & we spent one day getting the balance correct. She left her scooty parked in my apartment. The following days I would take rounds around my building riding.’


‘For almost a week I would ride the scooty till I got the hang of it. My kids, family & staff would be wondering what was I upto. It was so much fun & quite exciting,’ laughs Juhi.