Fate unites Ashoka with the love of his life Kaurvaki!



We saw this warrior prince fight for his mother’s honor, compete for Chandragupt Maurya’s sword and save many lives from burning out. It is now time that we see Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’s soft side, his love story with the entry of Kaurvaki in COLORS’ show Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. While Ashoka’s love story began at quite a young age, Kaurvaki, the tall and beautiful disciple will be quick to make an impression on him and steal his heart. Entering the show as Kaurvaki will be Reem Shaikh who is known for her character of Rim Jhim on Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2.  Reem dabbled in several popular primetime shows earlier and will be seen on a historical show for the first time.


In the upcoming episodes of the show, Kaurvaki will meet Ashoka on her way to Takshashila.  While Ashoka will appear to be a brave helper boy , she will soon fall for the prince for his courageous persona and nobility. In search of her missing father, the determined girl Kaurvaki will be her way to fulfil her  mission brimming with energy par imagination. In spite of her reserved and aggressive nature, destiny will have something different planned for Kaurvaki. On the ship to Tashshila, her journey will help her to uncover her other side when she will deeply fall in love with Ashoka.


Speaking about essaying the role of Kaurvaki, Reem Shaikh said, “Playing the role of Kaurvaki is making me grow as an actor in a lot of ways. She is the kind of girl who is more goal-oriented than being beauty conscious. Everyone on the set is very friendly and they always help me out with difficult scenes. I have made friends with the rest of the cast and look forward to having an awesome time even further.”