Nisha’s Early Bird Christmas Gift to underprivileged Mumbai Kids

nisha raval

Singer and model Nisha Rawal has always had a soft corner for the underprivileged children. This time around she took it upon herself to create awareness about the children of The Vatsalya Foundation. Her stride to amass support for these bravehearts did not stop at just awareness. With the support of Ketto, a crowd funding platform, Nisha has found a way for people to donate for the upliftment of these children. With 10 days to go for the deadline, the fund has already crossed a handsome target of Rs 1,00,000.

Nisha left no stone unturned in getting this message across to people. The cover song artist Nisha, brought her passion for art and philanthropy together to get this noble cause out there. Nisha along with launching the Ketto fund campaign also releases a heartwarming cover song, aptly titled “Choti si Asha”, encapsulating the dreams and hopes of these marginalized children.

The Song was shot at The Vatsalya foundation and featured the children from foundation in the video. It was directed by none other than television star and Nisha’s Husband, Karan Mehra.  Extending the support to this noble cause, legendary choreographer Terence Lewis also featured in the video and was seen doing a lot ofmasti with the children. The legendary singer and producer duo Meet Bros helped bring this soulful song together with their experience and guidance.

Talking about the success of the campaign, “My whole idea about the Ketto campaign was that funds are important but awareness is more important. We wanted more and more people to know about the hardships of these children. Thus the song, I am already pursuing music as a vocation and I felt featuring Vatsalya in my second cover song will give exposure to the work and efforts put in by the foundation. I am glad that we achieved the target and there is some more time to go.”

Talking about the success of the fund raiser, Actor Kunal Kapoor who is also the Co-Founder of Ketto said, “Nisha’s fund raiser on Ketto has been a phenomenal success. We reached our goal well ahead of time and over shot the target too. I was personally kicked about this fundraiser because it was not just about getting the money, Nisha got the children involved in the venture by featuring them in the video. It gave them a huge exposure and something beyond their daily rut. We at Ketto also believe in creating a positive environment, while fund raising for a CSR activity. The efficacy of crowd funding is to really reach out to the masses with a case that people can relate to and also keep your targets wise and insync with the space.”

The funds amassed from Ketto will be used towards buying clothing and shoes, as kids would like shirts, trousers, T- shirts and track pants, something many of us might take for granted.  100 children will be taken care of by these generous donations.