All my shows have to do with dancing: Shantanu Maheshwari or Shantanu’s Reel Dance Dilemma


Shantanu Maheshwari presents the dilemma of a competing dancer & his love life in Twist Wala Love, one of the new shows on Channel V


The world of dance winner rose to recognition as a dancer-actor with popular youth dance show D3 following Bindass Naach & returns to Channel V’s another show Twist Wala Love. 

Shantanu’s dance background has fetched him some powerful roles on television that have got to do with dancing & the actor enjoys it as his forte & heart lies in that, ‘I’m playing Vivan from a premier dance academy whose competition is a girl named Natasha, a superb dancer. They decide to be partners instead of competing against each other until the entry of another dancer who is manipulative & creates rifts. The rest is for people to watch out for.’


Shantanu feels lucky to get to play a dancer, ‘It is like my home ground; I readily take up whenever such an opportunity comes my way as I get to do some dancing with acting. Though I miss my old team but working with the new team is always refreshing.’