New Celeb Chat Show | Born Stylish – A new show on COLORS INFINITY


Born Stylish, a new celebrity chat-show based on celeb style hosted by Pria Kataria Puri. The note below comprises of:


  • Details on the show
  • Quote by Karan Johar, Co-curator of COLORS INFINITY
  • Style Statement by Akshay Kumar as spoken on the first episode
  • Image of the show
  • Tune-in details


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COLORS INFINITY and Vh1 present Born Stylish!

Born Stylish’ is India’s first series in a chat show format dedicated to Fashion and Style. The aim of Born Stylish is to highlight Style Icons that embody the seductive concoction of talent, drive, and trend setting choices. This show will map the professional journey of Style Icons, talk about their evolving fashion choices that have shaped their careers and inspired millions.


Each episode has a unique theme attached to it and will feature a chat with a Global Style Icon.


On the launch of the show, Karan Johar said, “Born Stylish on COLORS INFINITY has been created keeping in mind the Indian audience’s aspirations to learn about their favorite celebrity’s style quotient on-screen and off-screen as well as learning more about fashion and couture at an international level through global style icons. It will be quite a stylish treat for our viewers.


The show is hosted by India’s foremost designer, stylist and celebrity – Pria Kataria Puri.


The first episode will witness Pria Kataria Puri catch up with The Alphamale Akshay Kumar on his personal style, his fashion transition from the start of his career until today and what influenced the transition. The interview with this alphamale will then be complimented with a short interview with a world-renowned fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier.


On his personal style statement, Akshay Kumar said, “I personally feel fashion is not about buying ‘big’ or buying labels; it is about how you go and dig stuff and how you search for the right outfits.” Speaking about blending fashion with comfort, he added, “At a red carpet event, if there were no paparazzi, I would love to wear my British nightsuit. I may be the only person at night who still sleeps in his ironed British pyjamas; and I look forward to it!”


The show is all set to air on 28th November 2015 on COLORS INFINITY and Vh1.