“Wholehearted Commitment”- Ranveer’s word to Bajirao



Ranveer Singh is both elated & emotional about the completion of ‘Bajirao Mastani’. For the actor, it has been a yearlong commitment with many pitfalls & challenges but also a role of a lifetime.  On his reasons for taking up the role of Maratha warrior king Bajirao with such seriousness, Ranveer said, “I knew from the start the kind of involvement expected of me. I knew that I too wanted to approach it wholeheartedly,”


Part of his commitment to his film was radical decision to stay locked up in a hotel room for weeks at a stretch. During this period of isolation, he focused entirely on his accent training & rehearsals to get in the role of a period hero. He elaborated, “It was important as I was playing a warrior from the 1700s, someone so distinctly different from my own being.”


In ‘Bajirao Mastani’, Ranveer sports heavy, authentic battle armor & traditional royal costumes of the Marathas. Focusing on getting the body language, mood & setting right required intensive training & complete dedication.
Clearly, the actor hasn’t fallen short on putting his whole & soul in this part & the superb feedback to his look in the film so far justifies the hard work.