”Silver Screen” by Fawzan Husain, is a series of images taking a closer look at our prolific film industry “Bollywood”.


silver screen

Everything that is so essentially ‘Bollywood’…the varied components that come together, and work in harmony to make a film are depicted in Fawzan’s photographs. He shoots a different view of Bollywood by capturing behind the scenes action on the sets: no frontal portraits, no posing for his camera. His photographs portray the real picture, the real people without the glamour, artifacts and ‘larger than life’ idea usually associated with Bollywood Silverscreen led him to `Beyond Silverscreen’. A look at how we Indian’s have fascination with our Filmy folks. Once he started looking around, he could see them all around, Apart from the bill boards he could find them in restaurants, on Kites, in gyms, in rickshaws. Some were using them as decoration while some to lure their fans or crazy customers,while others were showing their affection to their idols. It was funny but real. To him this was Silverscreen away from the sets.