Bollywood film review – Titli Realistically Raw, Rivetingly Brutal Rating – 4 stars




What’s the film about?

Titli is the youngest of the three brothers who hopes to run away from the oppression of his eldest brother Vikram and to escape the daily problems that come from sharing burdens in a family. His dream is cut short when his money is stolen and he’s married off to Neelu. In his fanaticism to escape, he gradually turns into the same oppressor that he once hated the most.


Ranvir Shorey stands out in the first half of the film. His fits of anger and brutality show him in a different shade as an actor. Newcomers Shashank Arora and Shivani Raghuvanshi fit the bill and sail easily with the emotive powers. Amit Sial’s character is almost a caricature and unfortunately he doesn’t get a chance to excel unlike his previous roles. Lalit Behl’s character which was promoted as a manipulative father is underplayed and somehow holds no bearing towards the end of the film.


Kanu Behl has seamlessly blended the rage, oppression and frustrations of Delhi’s dystopic underbelly by skilfully weaving it within a family scenario. Kunal has ensured fine details are adhered too and the film pace doesn’t falter at any point.

Kanu is definitely a director to watch out for. After emulating an engrossing drama, the burden on his shoulders is heavy when it comes to his next projects.

Story / Screenplay:

Writers Sharat Katariya and Kanu Behl skilfully handle the story. However, the early morning tooth-brushing sequence leaves a bitter taste since it has been repeated too often in the film. The screenplay is innovative and there are no inferences to what has been shown earlier. Good job here.


Namrata Rao snips the scenes effectively which retains the raw and realistic film festival effect – which works in favour of the film’s flavour.

A special mention:

Dibakar Banerjee and YRF have come up with a hard-hitting product which calls for a pat on the back for promoting meaningful cinema.

Casting by Atul Mongia is pitch-and-picture perfect. Every character actually lives the role. Atul is definitely a prospective successful film director to watch out for.


Box-office rating:

Intelligent cinema like Titli will garner audiences support only through word of mouth. Looking at this week’s turnout of film releases, it may fail to have the box-office cash registers tingling.

Star Cast

Shashank Arora…. Titli

Ranvir Shorey…. Vikram

Amit Sial…. Baawla/Pradeep

Shivani Raghuvanshi…. Neelu

Lalit Behl…. Daddy

Story / Writers

Sharat Katariya

Kanu Behl


Kanu Behl


Namrata Rao


Siddharth Diwan

Casting Director

Atul Mongia