Bigg Boss introduces a brand new Double Trouble room!

bigg boss room
  • Encashing on the theme this season, Bigg Boss has introduced a double trouble room which consists of 2 individual and sound proof booths
  • Two contestants will get called into this room every week and they will be asked one question by Bigg Boss
  • Their answer lies in pressing a buzzer present in front of them
  • Their call to press the buzzer or not will change the game at every turn
  • Both contestants will plug in headphones and will not be aware of whether the contestant has pressed the buzzer or not – and the twist lies right here!
  • Aman and Kishwer (who could not see each other) were called into the Double Trouble room and Bigg Boss told them that they have the power to free the rest of the house
  • He told them that a)  if one of them presses the buzzer, the whole house gets free of the bond, b) if both press the buzzer, Aman and Kishwer get tied up again and c) if none of them press the buzzer, they will get back into a bond along with another jodi but the rest of the house will be freed of the bond
  • Will the housemates get freed from being attached at the hip?
  • Buckle up and prepare for even more double trouble on the show this year!