Why Ranvir Shorey’s father hit him in his childhood?

ranveer shoerey

Ranvir Shorey who plays Vikram in the film added further, “We attach a certain kind of idealism when we talk about families in India. But the core emotions  in a family have mutated. Titli portrays and also raises questions about them.” “If we look at the films made by studios like YRF and Dharma Production, for decades they have shown the families which are idealistic and based on the values of  ‘it’s all about loving your family’. It is for the first time that another side of an Indian family, the patriarchal set up, is being depicted onscreen” he claimed.

Talking about what drew him to the film, Ranvir said, “Titli is one of the finest scripts I have read in the recent years and I have always been hungry for such films.” He added to an amused audience, “I have seen a certain amount of violence travelling from family to family and generation to generation. My brothers hit me because my father hit them. My father hit them because my grandfather used to beat him.” This dark, often unexpected humour is depicted well in the trailer.