Manav Gohil’s cuppa of fame

manav yam


Having playing the character of Yam in SAB TV’s Yam Hai Hum, Manav Gohil seems to have definitely got his lucky break, which he surely is going to be linked to forever. He was recently seen having a celebrity moment at the famous Starbucks coffee shop. This coffee shop known for its concept of writing the person’s name on the beverage cups, were seen serving Manav his cup with Yam written on it. Being recognised by their reel names and not their real names comes as a proud moment for these actors. And that’s not it sources say that whenever Manav visits the coffee shop he receives his order with Yam written on it every single time. This shows how an actor gets recognised for their reel names because of the love and affection they receive from their fans


When spoken to Manav Gohil he mentioned, “Yes, it’s true that whenever I visit Starbucks they always write Yam on my coffee cup before they serve it to me. Me getting appreciated and known for my character of Yamraj is a big achievement for me as this role is very close to my heart and I am glad everyone is loving my character as much as I am. ”


Yam Hain Hum being aired for almost a year now has given Manav a lot of love and appreciation for his character of Yam in such a short span of time. With an addition of Debina Bonnerjee as Dhumorna in the upcoming track as Yam’s wife, there is an extra added flavour to the show.