Karan Mehra turns director for wife Nisha Rawal

karan nisha


Karan Mehra won the Favourite Pati award at Star Parivaar this year for his role as Naitik in his very popular television serial. Turns out that he is undoubtedly the favourite pati in real life as well. The actor recently directed a music video for wife Nisha Rawal and it has come out brilliantly (no surprises since he has assisted big directors in the past) and is making all the buzz in the online circuit.


On persuasion from friends and family, this is the first time Nisha—an avid music lover—has sung professionally. She has created a refreshing medley of  ‘Tu Bin Bataye’ from Rang De Basanti and Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ with the background score being John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. As different as these songs may seem to read about, the way they have been brought together seems completely effortless. Shot at their beautiful farmhouse, the video captures the delightful Nisha amidst picturesque lush green locations. Talking about the music video Karan said,  “One conversation lead to another and the next thing we know is that Nisha is making her singing debut and I am making my directorial debut. Nisha is really passionate about her singing and truly enjoys it.”


The music video also has a surprise element as Karan makes a small appearance to make it a perfect fairytale ending. The song has picked up very well online with fans and well-wishers going gaga over it.