Fandry Producer Vivek Kajaria makes his directorial debut with a short film, Durga,



The  National Award winning producer for acclaimed films Fandry, Siddhant  Vivek Kajaria, has turned director with a short film, Durga, which is making its world premiere at Busan International Film Festival to be held in Korea from October 1 to 10.


The film will be screened in the ‘Short Film Showcase’ of the ‘Wide Angle section on 3rd, 6th and 9th October. Martin Scorsese’s short film, The Audition starring Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt is also screened in the same section.


The story of Durga revolves around a poor Village Artist (Bhola), who makes Idols of Goddess Durga, his love for his grand daughter and ultimately the faith of a worshipper of Goddess Durga with the final task to do justice to his very existence and purpose in life.


The film which is produced by Vivek Kajaria’s Holy Basil Productions, stars Veena Jamkar, Saachi and Kalyan Chatterjee.


The producer turned director Vivek Kajaria says, “I have personally witnessed the Durga Puja environment in Kolkata, and lived with it for years. Having lived with these people, I personally have lived with this story for years now. This film has given an opportunity to learn more about film making along with gaining technical expertise. I know many directors capable than myself but while making this movie, I was very clear in my head about what I wanted to show therefore I took up the challenge of directing on my own.”


Adding further he said, “I had come to this industry with a passion to make good content oriented and meaningful cinema. Finally after a lot of production work, I got this opportunity to direct something I wanted to share with the world.” 


The  producer turned director, who understands the nerve of the audience and their desire for quality cinema, is coming up with films like Chaurya, Ek Number, Raakshas.