Bollywood film review- Badlapur Boys Rating: 3


Finally, Kabaddi gets it due.


What it’s all about?

Badlapur Boys deals with a plot of social family romantic drama with sports as a backdrop and the lead hero Nishan states it’s a very simple film and people who have dreams of being successful will surely connect with the subject.

Story & Screenplay

The first half of the film is more like a Bhojpuri film since it is set in a rural backdrop. The character built-up is smooth, however the songs used to involve the romantic angle slacken the pace.

The second half is a thrilling one with some good kabaddi scenes. The director Shailesh Verma has effectively underplayed the scenes. Emotional scenes are well tackled with a decent background score. The pathos of the emotions is on a high note which goes well with the story.


The background songs some of which are composed by music director Sachin Gupta are pulsating. Unfortunately they are lost in the background.


Main lead Nishshan suits and ably portrays his character as a village boy who fulfils his father’s dream. Kishori Shahane as his mother stands out in her performances. Aman Verma has a miniscule role and fails to impress. The shinning stars of the film are Annu Kapoor who plays the earnest sports coach who is idealistic and supports the ever-losing team. His dialogues are mild but yet very effective.

The scene stealer is Varun Kashyap who play Captain Dinesh of the Railways team. There is some psychotic appeal this actor has. The effective manner in which he portrays his role is clear indication that he will go a long way.

Box-office verdict

The film will have an average opening and may pick up with word of mouth. Glorifying Kabaddi with an effective message film should be promoted and given a chance to prove that content can help a film to succeed.

Banner : Karrm Movies
Director : Shailesh Verma
Genre : Sports

Cast & Crew: NishshanPuja GuptaShashank Udapurkar, Varun Kashyap, Mazhar KhanAnnu KapoorAnupam Maanav,Saranya MohanKishori ShahaneAman Verma