Devroop Sharma excels as Krishna…A STAR IN THE MAKING!


‘Shanti-Shanti… Its a War!’

Krishna at its best.

Ramu Ramanathan’s epic satire play ‘Shanti-Shanti… Its a War!’ directed by Ayatulla Khan presented by Rangrez theatre group was recently performed at Haute Haveli. The play speaks of contemporary thought of the women folk and the male-stereotypes of the epic giving it a different outlook. When there are good times, the bad loom in the horizon. But as always Krishna in his most nat-khat ways emerges to save the day. Bearing the lagam of everyone he travels from yug to yug. The play with its satirical punches cracks the audience from the very announcement.

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Devroop Sharma a young learned actor from the Academy of Theatre Arts, Mumbai University seems to be a promising actor of today’s young generation. Resembling Krishna by playing the flute and maintaining a nat-khat smile, Devroop took multiple entries in various sub-characters illuminating various dimensions of the great epic of Mahabharat with his comic timing. Along with entertaining the masses, the play also puts down some questions onto them.

Apparently Devroop  is a talented Salsa dancer, trainer and an enterprising writer. He has a niche of excelling in various creative art forms. His infectious persona is so endearing that he has stolen the hearts of most ramp models who die to dance with him during Salsa sessions at Shiros. Watching him perform at the play, one can but not help comment that he is a STAR IN THE MAKING and will definitely go places.

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