Dev Gohar – “The audiences will connect with me and my antics.”

By Aryeman Raj

At the music launch of the film Ebn-e-Batuta, one could not help but notice this guy from the crowd. Dev Gohar has this rustic innate charm with a humble look which one can’t help but notice. Even while he gives his interview, he is sweating and nervous since this is his first brush with fame. His film as the lead hero is all set to hit the marquee on 4th April 2014.

Dev Gohar 1

Tell us something about your background.

Well, I have done my acting course with Barry John Sir in Delhi. It was a great learning experience. I did a small role in Balaji’s Shor in the city. Post that, I happened to meet our film director Varun, who was working on this film project. He liked me instantly since I feel I am very much like the character I play in the film. I was involved with the story sessions of the film.

What is the similarity to your real life with the character you play?

Well, my character’s name is Vijay. He is a chichora in the true sense of the word. Although am Delhi based, the character required a Punjabi accent to it which is within me. Personally too, I am quite a prankster and fun-loving person.


With so many newcomers being launched in the film, how will you stand out?

Well, we all have equal roles. But I feel post the final edit of the film, my character has shaped out better than expected. The audiences will connect with me and my antics.

Any memorable instances while the making of the film?

We were shooting in a small village in Punjab. The hospitality by the locals out there was very hospitable. I had my birthday during the shoot and one of the aunties invited our unit to her place. I was blind-folded and taken into a room. It was such a surprise. After the cake-cutting ceremony, I was smothered with cream and cake all over my face.

Also once while we wanted to eat the local delicacies in the village, we noticed an entire crowd around us. All wanted to click pictures with us. I had my first share of stardom with these lovely people of Punjab.