Bollywood film review – W – Rating 3


W – a must watch for every young woman.

The film deals with the pertinent burning issue of rape. Although the rape sequences are aesthetically shot, at a certain point of the film, the female audiences were terribly put-off since it was an excessive overdose. The director Tarun Madan Chopra has skilfully not resorted to titillation with this bold subject. Amal and Armaan Malik sing some soulful numbers. It is commendable that this brother-duo are doing their father proud at such a young age.


The treatment is excellent. the twists are spine-chilling. Overall, the film raises the bar with some exceptionally seasoned acting by all the actors. Leeza Mangaldas…. Sandhya Singh a.k.a Sandy, Raaj Singh Arora…. Abhay a.k.a. Bhaiji are the film’s highlight. Raaj Singh has the makings of a superstar and he has given some amazing performances as a neurotic pycho. Lezlie Tripathy…. Roohi Malik is outstanding in her break-down scene. Sonal Giani…. Manu as a lesbian fits the role to a tee.

The production values are superb, the script taut and without any loose ends. The music by Dabboo Malik is refreshing and the songs are peppy.

Hats off to the producers Subhash Sehgal and Shivang Sehgal to make this bold subject with absolute newcomers. The success of the film would have been larger if the media and marketing of the film was handled effectively. A special kudos to the climax sequence which parts the message for the young women of today who take the blame on themselves in situations of rape. An eye-opener and thought-provoking film for sure.