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Mumbai fashion designer Umair Zafar goes the philanthropic way!


While most business enterprises think of raking in profit with their ventures, Mumbai fashion designer Umair Zafar (recently appointed as Creative Director for Urban Xchange Fashions and Apparels Pvt. Ltd.) has chosen to take a different route. Not only has Umair Zafar already launched a one-stop fashion store URBAN FASHIONS with leading international fashion brands available under one roof, he also has some strategic plans to fuel the cultural heritage of Lucknow city.

Mumbai based, fashion designer Umair Zafar has always closely witnessed the plight of the talented artisans who relentlessly promote the art of Chikankari embarked on his vision to “promote Chikankari and get the ancient art its due coverage on the world map of the Fashion world.” His benevolent nature prompted him to suggest some social service schemes which were graciously accepted by the dynamic team of the new venture.

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Deviating from the normal accepted norms of having a store inauguration done by a noted Bollywood celebrity to garner in the media mileage, Umair insisted that the store be launched by a physically challenged Chikankari artisan from Lucknow. While some insisted that such a move required ‘sheer guts and grit’, Umair stuck to his guns and URBAN FASHIONS was launched on 24th November 2013 in Lucknow.

Elaborating on his philanthropic plans towards the business venture, Umair Zafar discloses, “Lucknow is a city which is rich in cultural heritage. With the new venture, the company has decided to donate 2 percent of the entire annual earnings from the franchise stores pan India towards the well-being and upbringing of the Lucknow Chikankari artisan’s families and their children’s education.”

Noticeably, the good deeds don’t stop at that. Mohammad Mehdi (the Managing Director of Urban Xchange Fashions and Apparels Pvt. Ltd. and Umair Zafar have already initiated a rule that every store of Urban Xchange Fashions and Apparels Pvt. Ltd. will provide employment to one physically challenged individual in every store throughout the year.

With such compassionate and generous beginnings, one definitely expects the new venture to be a grand success.