Launch of film BOLD BOLLYWOOD


‘We want to create Global Experiences,’ – Zahara Productions founded by Ms. Shabana Hashmi makes a foray in the Entertainment Industry!

Zahara Productions makes a foray in the entertainment industry with their maiden venture ‘Bold Bollywood’, directed by Rikshhit Matta.

Zahara Productions, a creative expansion of Zahara infrastructure, a leading company in the real estate category, is out here in the entertainment industry with its maiden project ‘Bold Bollywood’

1. Shabana Hashmi  DSC_9423 2. Shabana Hashmi & Rajpal Yadav DSC_9471 4. Hazel Keech, Rikshhit Matta (Director), Shabana Hashmi ( Zahara Productions), Sandeepa Dhar, with Shweta Bhardwaj  DSC_9998 8. Sandeepa    Dhar, Hazel Keech, Shweta Bhardwaj, and Shabana Hashmi DSC_9726 9. Hazel Keech, Sandeepa Dhar&   Shweta Bhardwaj,  DSC_9676

Founder of Zahara Productions, Ms. Shabana Hashmi, aims to create ‘global content’ keeping in mind the core message of creating an experience. She mentions, “We want to take up projects keeping in line with our ideologies viz. belief, create & experience. We want to create global content with local flavor with an endeavor to create new benchmarks for Consumer Appreciation & Marketing through its sustained offerings in time to come.”

‘Bold Bollywood’, maiden venture of Zahara Productions directed by Rikshhit Matta will define the epitome of Quality Entertainment, bringing forth one of the most interesting and glaring issues of Bollywood Today

Ms. Shabana Hashmi through her diversified & versatile knowledge across businesses promises to elevate Zahara Productions amongst leading studios globally, and produce holistic entertainment!