Hrithik Roshan launches ‘Guide to Your Best Body’ by Kris Gethin


Simon & Schuster India celebrated the launch of their much-awaited book by the Master Trainer Kris Gethin – Guide to Your Best Body.

The Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan released the book, which was followed by a media interaction.

Movie stars in India make American celebrities seem like B-list busts. The lifestyle is fun and exciting, but it took its toll on Hrithik Roshan, the action star from Mumbai. Instructional supply met muscular demand when the Sheru Classic Asian Grand Prix came to Mumbai, along with the best bodybuilders and trainers in the world. There, Roshan met his new mentor Kris Gethin. Kris introduced Hrithik to nutrition with taste and helped him fit back into his superhero costume for Krrish II!

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The physical transformation was remarkable, but Gethin’s guidance struck Hrithik at an elemental level. He realized the flaws in his life are prevalent in the subcontinent cultures. He has vowed to change the way India eats.

“I understood that he (Kris Gethin) must be good, and I got a hold of his book. I read his book. I was very impressed. I saw some potential there. Also perhaps it was a sign from God that his name was Kris and I was training for Krrish, which is the name of my people’s hero. I figured we might as well try this out… I feel very empowered already to take over the reins of my own nutrition plan and share it. Of course, Kris will always be there.” Hrithik Roshan

During the transformation he undertook with Kris Gethin, Hrithik changed his nutrition plan weekly, sometimes daily, based on his condition and body weight.

Gethin also took heed of Hrithik’s blood type and insulin sensitivity.