Party pics of Bharat & Dorris Hair & Make-up Awards 2013


Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, Anil Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Jackie Shroff and loads of others graced the occasion.

1. Bharat & Dorris Godambe DSC_0683 2. Bharat, Dorris and Suraj Godambe DSC_0679 3. Bharat, Dorris and Suraj Godambe DSC_8402 4.  Bharat Godambe, Salman Khan, Dorris and Suraj Godambe  DSC_0990 5. Hrithik Roshan with Dorris Godambe DSC_0957 6. Dorris Godambe, Maureen Wadia & Suraj Godambe DSC_0785 7. Dorris Godambe, Manish Malhotra and Suraj Godambe  DSC_0738 8. Aalim Hakim, Dorris Godambe with Jackie Shroff DSC_0869 9.  Kapil and Mmonika Arora with Kareena Kapoor   DSC_9350 10. Mmonika Arora, Raveena Tandon, with Kapil Arora   DSC_9705 11.  Kapil and Mmonika Arora DSC_0698 12. Hrithik Roshan awarding Aalim Hakim DSC_9074 13. SAlman Khan Awarding Raju Nag DSC_9619 14. Raju Nag, Salman Khan with Dorris Godambe DSC_9730 15. Kareena Kapoor and Manish Malhotra Awarding her Hair Dresser Pompy DSC_9186 16. Mmonika & Kapil Arora along with Kareena Kapoor awarding her Makeup Artist Ritesh Naik DSC_9294 17. Raveena Tandon awarding Praveen Bhatte DSC_9783 18. Bharat Godambe, Anil Kapoor, Bhadur and Dorris Godambe awarding Deepak DSC_9972 19. Jackie Shroff and Maureen Wadia awarding makeup artist DSC_9144 20. Bahadur, Mrinalini Kulkarni, Dorris and Suraj Godambe  DSC_0759 21. Dorris Godambe with Shalini Thackrey DSC_0861 22. Hrishita Bhatt Performing DSC_8837 23. Hrishita Bhatt Performing DSC_9444 24. Misti Mukherjee Performing DSC_8896 25. Dorris Godambe with Hrithik Roshan DSC_0795 26. Bharat & Dorris Godambe, Hrithik Roshan, Bahadur, Suraj Godambe DSC_0802 27. Raju Nag with Salman Khan DSC_9671 28. Raju Nag, Salman Khan with Dorris Godambe DSC_9744 29. Kareena Kapoor, Dorris & Bharat Godambe DSC_0905 30. Kareena Kapoor awarding Pompy DSC_9180 31. Kareena Kapoor with Pompy DSC_9258 32. Kareena Kapoor with Pompy DSC_9266 33. Sushil Kumar, alongwith Aarti and Kailash Surendranath Awarding Makeup Artist DSC_9522 34. Raveena Tandon DSC_0102 35. Anil Kapoor DSC_0134 36. Hrithik Roshan DSC_9000 37. Hrithik Roshan DSC_0812 38. Kareena Kapoor DSC_0975 39. Kareena Kapoor DSC_9108 40. Manish Malotra DSC_0740 41. Kapil and Mmonika Arora DSC_8432 42. Mmonika Arora & Kapil Arora with Hrishita Bhatt DSC_9792 43. Imam with Doris and Bharat Godambe DSC_0769 44. Bahadur, Dorris Godambe, Aalim Hakim, and Suraj Godambe  DSC_0865 45. Bahadur, Bharat Godambe, Kapil and Mmonika Arora, and Dorris Godambe  DSC_8446 46. Amy Billimoria and Yogesh Lakhani awarding DSC_9337 47. Vivek Mishra with Misti Mukherjee DSC_9811 48. Pandhari Dada DSC_8569 49. Dorris Godambe DSC_9376 50. Anil Kapoor DSC_9938 50a. Hrithik Roshan DSC_0813 51. Mmonika Arora, with Anil Kapoor & Kapil Arora DSC_9999 52. Kapil and Mmonika Arora with Tanya Malik DSC_9880 53. Mouli Ganguli and Kushal Punjabi DSC_8536 53a. Suraj Godambe with Aalim Hakim DSC_8944 54. Rohhit Verma DSC_8483 55. Hrishita Bhatt DSC_8455 56. Misti Mukherji DSC_8464 57. Misti Mukherji DSC_0111 58. Valusha Robinson DSC_0590 59. Vivek mishra DSC_0598 60 Amy Billimoria DSC_0602 61. Mrinali Kulkarni DSC_0618 62. Sushil Sharma DSC_0637 63. Tanya Malik DSC_0748 64. Hrishita Bhatt Performing  DSC_8833 65. Hrishita Bhatt Performing  DSC_9480 66. Kushal Punjabi with Samaira Tolani DSC_8437 67. Kushal Punjabi, Samaira Tolani, Dorris & Bharat Godambe DSC_0766 68. Kushal Punjabi awarding DSC_8529

Salman Khan shared his experiences with Raju Nag make up man for years, Kareena Kapoor got emotional about Pompy her hair dresser and Ritesh Naik her make-up artist, Kapil and Mmonika Arora presented the award with Kareena Kapoor to the make-up artists, and made him dance too, and Hrithik Roshan came for Aalim Hakim.

Soulful Performances were by – Hrishitaa Bhatt, Mishti Mukherjee, show was choreographed by Arindam Banerjee.

Jury: – Rohhit Verma, Bahadur, Collin Khan, Valusha, Cherag Bamboot, Sandhya- Stylespeak, Rasna Behl, Kishore Thakkar, Reza, Madhav Kadam, Prasad Badle, Jeetu Sawlani,  Pandhari Dada, Unnati, Rohhit Verma,  Aalim Hakim, & Vivek Mishra




TV actors Kushal Punjabi and Shilpa Agnihotri’s Maiden Company “Dream Catcher” unveils Samaira Tolani ‘s exciting dream project hosted by her.



It was a sinful affair with beautiful chocolates all around for seasons and reasons and yes they are about love. Samaira Tolani, the woman behind this heaven of chocolates named as Shocolaat with all her friends and relatives at the event launched her chocolate boutique – SHOCOLAAT, a place where one can find all types of delicious chocolate. The chocolates were Belgian, creamy and yes different…..

3. Kushal Punjabi with Samaira Tolani & Shilpa Agnihotri  DSC_6609

Samaira exclaims, “It is my dream come true. As a child, I loved chocolates and the colour always intrigued me, I wanted to go beyond chocolates and wanted to give a new dimension to my baby “Shocolaat”. I always wanted to present all types of chocolates and the best of my art. Shocolaat is a place where one can find all sort of chocolates with any shape, size and packaging of your choice.”


The Partition of Indian & Pakistan in the year 1947 is one of most gruesome acts in Indian History which affected all the facets of society. And stage always being a potent medium to convey the social plight, few talented playwrights has successfully portrayed them through their plays since India’s independence. Some are the adaptation from Novels where protagonist’s life seems to be majorly impacted by aftermath and some taking Partition itself as a central theme.


Producers Raja Chaudhary and Bhagirati Powdel with Shiv Bhagirathi Films Production and Akshra Groups Creation’s launched their new play based on ATMJIT’s ‘Rishtian Da Kee Rakhiye Na’, Hindi play under the title ‘Toba Tek Singh’. Raja Chaudhary and Bhagirati Powdel who have produced and acted in the play, draws its material from real life incidents and tales told by elderly relatives who had been through the trauma of the times portraying the suffering of the people who had to undertake arduous journeys, most often, away from their homeland, to another country and milieu. The play based on the lead protagonist – Toba Tek Singh, revolves around his life, how he recollects and shares his experiences with his fellow prisoners in Lahore jail. Nepali actor Bhagirati Powdel will be seen opposite Raja in the play.

The controversial actor Raja Chaudhary, who made headlines for his brawls and marital trouble with Shweta Tiwari, was banned from entering Mumbai by law. But even then Chaudhary wasn’t sitting idle if you may think. The blessing in disguise came for him in the form of a film ‘Daal Mein Kuch Kaala’ with Pakistani starlet Veena Malik and he was also seen in Sunil Agnihotri’s popular costume drama ‘Chandrakanta’. But now things have changed for the better and with the play Toba Tek Singh, Raja is looking forward to start a new inning. “I’m very happy to be back to the place where I belong to – Mumbai. Now I just want to focus on my work. The play which I’m doing has shaped up well. I really hope people will like it since it’s based on India-Pakistan partition.

Bhagirati said, “I’m very glad to play one of the lead roles in Toba Tek Singh. Raja Chaudhary is a talented artist and we hope the play conveys the message to the people and the intention with what it has been created.” The play is a tribute to writer Saadat Hasan Manto on his birth anniversary. The Hindi adaptation is done by Saurabh Bhardwaj and directed by B.P.Singh.

The play stars Raja Chaudhary in the title role with Bhagirati Powdel, Saurabh Bhardwaj, Jitendra Sagar, Sunit Razdan, Sumeet Tyagi, Neeraj Sharma, Alka Maheshwari and others. The play is scheduled to take place on 28th April at RangSharda auditorium.“CANVAS” phones which are driven by consumer insights and cater to the needs of the market.”




Music Launch of Film “KYUN HUA ACHANAK”

achanakMusic Launch of Film “KYUN HUA ACHANAK” was organized at the La-Patio on April 23rd 2013 and actress Kashmira Shah walked in with her co-star Aseem Ali Khan & the petit beautiful British model Hazel flew all the way from London as she did not want to miss out on the launch party of her film and she was all praises for debut director Rajendra Shivv & Producer Narendra Singh of FimyBox Movies & Amit Shrivastava of Real Square Films,

Stunning Kashmira was heard saying how happy she was working with the team & how the subject is set in today’s current times but all the three did not reveal much about the plot of the film as they did not want to reveal much about the film as the genre of the film deals with romantic suspense thriller, Aseem Ali Khan who will be seen romancing both Kashmira & Hazel was all praises about both his co-star, Film is being presented by Narendra Singh and the music of the film is on FilmyBox Movies and the film is scheduled for release on June 7th, 2013, Actor Prashant Narayan & Varun Bandola were also spotted at the venue to support the director friend Rajendra Shivv

Govinda on a talent hunt!!!


Bollywood’s very own chi chi, Govinda, for the first time ever to judge the reality show Indian Model Hunt 2013!

We have seen Govinda as a guest celebrity on numerous reality shows & have watched the participants go crazy for him, blame Aamchi Mumbai’s chi chi for playing the versatile role & ruling the hearts of people for over two decades & now we will see him judging the reality show Indian Model Hunt 2013.

Govinda, after hosting the reality show on one of the leading GECs, Jeeto Chappar Phaad Ke, will now be seen judging the Indian Model Hunt, a reality show with lots of masala, music, entertainment & of course the talented contestants from all over the country.

5. Hadi Ali Abrar (Director),  Govinda, with Mr. P.T.Das (Producer)  & Mr. D.N.Dubey (Co - Producer)   DSC_0036 3. Govinda, at the announcement of Indian Model Hunt 2013  DSC_0104

Indian Model Hunt 2013 produced by Mr.P.T. Das managed to get Govinda on board to judge the reality show. He excitedly mentions, “We were aware of the fact that Govinda doesn’t really judge reality shows but if this show had to happen, it had to have Govinda & we have him. A name with entertainment and fashion, auditions will begin in full spring pan India.”

Govinda whose always at his modest best exclaims, “I get nervous when I have to judge. There is so much talent around. It is difficult to judge. Tulsidas ji offered me something which I could not say no to. It is pretty interesting concept. There’s talent, music, entertainment & drama of course. India is going to love it”



Ad men Sunny Arora and Anand Mishra  launched  India’s  1st Fashionpedia website “ at a suburban lounge.

2. Shailesh Shah DSC_6840 3. Shailesh Shah  with Barkha Bisht DSC_6685 4. Anand mishra with Shailesh Shah DSC_5576 5. Shailesh Shah with Jay Soni DSC_6810 6. Shailesh Shah with Preety Agarwal DSC_6852 7. Shailesh Shah with his wife DSC_6857 8. Sunny Arrora  & Anand Mishra DSC_6530 10. Anand Mishra with Ananya & Sunny Arrora  DSC_6608 12. Anand Mishra, with Jay Soni and Sunny Arrora DSC_6584 22. DSC_6338 34. yogesh Lakhani DSC_6553 35. Vasant Bhandari DSC_6563 Dipika & Arpita DSC_6222 krystal preety's Rucha Sharad & Prateek VISHAL

The ramp has never looked so alluring, our show host Jay Soni along with gorgeous television  show stoppers Krystal Dsouza, Divyanka Tripathi ,Rucha Hasbanis  and Bharka Bisht captivated  the audience attention .Collection showcased by Preety’s Design Hut

Also spotted- Manish Rai Signhania , Vishal Singh , Suyash and Kishwar Merchant.

Bollywood star support The City That Never Sleeps Mumbai Campaign


Saturday night was rocked by “The City That Never Sleeps” movie team. The team has started the campaign to promote Mumbai city through the boldest act ever. Producer Satish Reddy and Manik Soni hosted a party to bring Mumbai to number one position as Mumbai is way below the other cities ahead of Mumbai like London New York, Barcelona, Berlin, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris and Bangkok etc.

Several Bollywood Personalities were present there to support the campaign as the evening started by the singer actress Vandana Vadhera singing songs on Mumbai as the theme which had the guests feel patriotic towards Mumbai,. After that Jonita doda who recently won the best Punjabi actress award was seen performing in Punjabi style and wishing everybody Baisakhi. She said, “It’s great to be a part of wonderful campaign which brings Mumbai on the number one slot in The City That Never Sleeps charts. “

Devshi Khanduri At The City That Never Sleeps Party1 Devshi Khanduri Gauri Khan At The City That Never Sleeps Party haroon-rashid1 Jonita Doda Laila Khan At The City That Never Sleeps Party1 Laila Khan Manik Soni Shankar Gawde With A Friend At The City That Never Sleeps Party Manik Soni Model At The City That Never Sleeps Party Model's Striping At The City That Never Sleeps Party Murli Sharma Music Director Vikram With Devshi Khanduri Nataliya kozhenova At The City That Never Sleeps Party1 Nataliya Kozhenova At The City That Never Sleeps Party2 Nataliya Kozhenova Nix Panwar With Devshi Khanduri Nix Panwar Pooja Misrra At The City That Never Sleeps Party Pooja Misrra At The City That Never Sleeps Party1 Pooja Misrra Pooja Misrra1 Producer Satish Reddy Murli Sharma With Jonita Dodo Producer Satish Reddy With Jonita Doda Producer Satish Reddy Saira Khan At The City That Never Sleeps Party1 Saira Khan At The City That Never Sleeps Party2 Saira Khan Satish Reddy Murli Sharma Devshi Khanduri At  The City That Never Sleeps Vandana Vadera And Murli Sharma At The City That Never Sleeps Party Vandana Vadhera And NAtaliya Kozhenova At The City That Never Sleeps Party Vandena Vadera With Nataliya Kozhenova Vandena Vadhera At The City That Never Sleeps Party Vevik Mishra 1 Vivek Mishra Vivek Mishra1
Mumbai is a city that thrives as the perfect example of diversity it has the greatest variety of cultures in its society, it has roaring industries with noisy engines to the music of film and theater at its heart, this city has the fast running days and the colourful night which proves that Mumbai is the City which never sleeps. Murli Sharma was seen discussing with director Haroon Rashid about the campaign he said,”I love this campaign as Mumbai has given me everything and it is unfortunate that we are not even in top ten in the tagline of the city that never sleeps”.
Pooja Misrra was seen flaunting her sexiest body while performing on a song, she said,”I always want to see Mumbai on the top. So it’s Aamchi Mumbai and I love Mumbai” Ukrainian actress Nataliya kozhenova was seen in black skirt and raising the temperature of party.  She said, “I love Mumbai Night life which I have never seen in other country. Mumbai is a very safe city in world”.

An attempt was made to break the Guinness world record for removing and wearing pants by models and actor Vivek mishra who has successfully attempted to break Guinness world record by 10 times in a minute, he said, “I am glad that Satish Reddy give me this chance to mark my name in Guinness record.
Devshi Khanduri was seen discussing Dev Anand and his love for Mumbai and how other Bollywood personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra and others have spoken about their love for Mumbai while  music director Vikram were seen dancing  in the party with Saira khan, Nix Panwar and everyone was seen enjoying party till wee hours

Ameesha Patel Productions launches ‘Desi Magic’


Highlight of the event:-

  • Have you ever heard of one person making an stunning entry twice at one event. Well Ameesha did. First she made an entry on a scooty and later dancing at a bar
  • Zaid khan stole the hearts of all the girls with his charming dialogues
  • For the first time Sahil Shroff was introduced as one of the lead actor
  • Ravi Kishan made an impact with Feroze Khan style dhamakedar entry
  • Dj Aqeel made the crowd go wild with his signature songs
  • Veteran actor Randhir Kapoor was also present at the event supporting the cast
  • Abbas – Mustan opened the bottle of Champagne & raised a toast wishing the team good luck

Producers Ameesha Patel and Kuunal Goomer under Ameesha Patel Productions unveiled  the concept, characters and theme of their maiden venture “Desi Magic”at a never seen before, one of its kind curtain raiser event at Hype on April 2, 2013. The film will be directed by Mehul Atha

Speaking on the occasion, Business Partner Kuunal Goomer, said, “The idea of this curtain raiser was to present our maiden venture in a very unique style like never before. Desi Magic is an extremely positive and entertaining film for all the sections of the society. We hope to start the shooting schedule soon and plan to release the film by October – November this year.”

Abass - Mustan opening the bottle of Champagne with the cast Ameesha & Randhir Kapoor Ameesha and Zayed shared a light moment Ameesha as Mahi Ameesha Patel Ameesha Raju Khan & DJ Aqeel Hussain Bhai, Abbas Bhai Ameesha & Mustaan Bhai Kuunal Goomer & Ameesha Kuunal Goomer, Randhir Kapoor & Ameesha Patel Rajat & Ravi Kishan presenting their charachters from the film Randhir Kapoor, Ameesha & Raju Khan Randhir Kapoor, Zayed, Ameesha, Sahil & Ravi Kishan Sahil Shroff Sanjay Gadhavi with Ameesha Patel Sanjay Gadhavi, Ameesha Patel & Raju Khan Zayed And Ameesha Zayed Khan, Ameesha Patel & Sahil Shroff Zayed, Ameesha & Shail

The cast and crew of the film are extremely real and the fitment was to the T. The cast includes Ameesha Patel in a never seen before double role, Zayed Khan, Rajat Kapoor, Ravi Kishen, Sahil Shroff and veteran actor Randhir Kapoor.

“I am sure we will give the audiences something entertaining with our film. I am excited to be playing a double role in the film for the first time ever. After many days the audiences will get to see the double role concept in a modern fashion. The film is very contemporary, youth & colourful. Basically it has all the ingredients of a wholesome entertainer especially my characters.” Ameesha Patel ends with a magical note.

The music of the film has been given by none other than Dj Aqeel.