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Grand Finale of 4th Indian Princess Beauty Pageant

Sunil Rane,Chairman of Indian Princess Indian Princess International and Varsha Rane planned their 4th Indian Princess beauty pageant India and International with Bollywood and models from India and abroad at Tulip Star, Juhu.

Karishma Kapoor was the main judge for the event where 14 models participated from India and 15 models from Overseas.The event started on time with performances by Maryam Zakaria, Hazel, Natalia Kaur, Mouhini Carlyton and Prachi Desai.

hazel 1 karishma kapoor 1 karishma kapoor maryam zakaria 1 maryam zakaria misheel naidoo,michelle haukes,jannatul paya,sharon fernandis,deeptia sati & manpreet kaur natalia kaur 1 natalia kaur prachi desai 1 rageshwari 1 sunil rane,jannatul paya,karishma kapoor,sharon fernandis & varsha rane 1 sunil rane,jannatul paya,karishma kapoor,sharon fernandis & varsha rane sunil rane,karishma kapoor & varsha rane

Yogesh Lakhani of Bright Outdoor also crowned 1st runner up from India. Sharon Fernandis was crowned as as the Indian Princess and Jannatul Paya from Bangladesh as Indian Princess International.1st runner up from India was Deeptia Sati and 2nd runner up was Manpreet Kaur. Michelle Haukes from Suriname was the 1st runner up and Misheel Naidoo from South Africa was 2nd runner up in International category.

Sunil Rane told the media and guest that this concept came in my mind 4 years ago. He wants to educate girl child in the remote and rural areas of India.The models will also participate in major International beauty pageants.