Sajid Khan gets a bum peh laat from Censors!

The Censor Board has clamped down on one of the songs of Ajay Devgn starrer ‘Himmatwala’. The film’s song ‘Bum Pe Laat’ has not been approved by the Censor Board. The reason? Usage of the word ‘bum’! Director Sajid Khan isn’t too happy with this decision as the word ‘bum’ doesn’t sound derogatory in any sense and more so when ‘Bum Pe Laat’ is a song meant for kids.

A source close to the production team reveals, “The song ‘Bum Pe Laat’ is facing issues with the censor board for the word ‘bum’. It’s a song wherein the kids are kicking Tamannah’s bum. It’s a cute song for kids, which has been choreographed by Ganesh Acharya. We don’t understand why the Censor Board has disapproved of it when there are songs like ‘Hookah Bar’ and all still going fine.”

But what remains to be seen is if any action will be taken against the song now. Will the word ‘Bum’ be replaced?