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Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor launched his book “Aah! Chocolate”


Alyona Kapoor and Sanjeev Kapoor hosted a wonderful evening on the occasion of valentine day Sanjeev Kapoor launched a  book “Aah !Chocolate”, Love Recipe this valentine, brought to you by Sanjeev Kapoor through his new book ‘Aah! Chocolate!’

Sanjeev Kapoor unveiled his new book ‘Aah Chocolate’ amidst the love birds of the telly world teaching them new recipes.

Love is indeed in chocolate… an evening pre valentine’s where Sanjeev Kapoor launched his new book ‘Aah Chocolate’ presenting new recipes amidst Shreyas & Dipti Talpade, Amrita Raichand & others.

Sanjeev Kapoor had a hoard of well wishers for supporting him during his book launch, Sanjeev as chirpy & spontaneous that he always is asked the gentlemen to give him helping hand at those recipes which included alyona kapoor  cheered for them

1. Sanjeev & Alyona Kapoor DSC_4531 2. Sanjeev & Alyona Kapoor DSC_4533 3. Sanjeev & Alyona Kapoor DSC_3902 4. Sanjeev & Alyona Kapoor DSC_3918 4a.  Sanjeev & Alyona Kapoor  celebrating DSC_4248 5. Sanjeev Kapoor  DSC_4032 6. Sanjeev Kapoor DSC_3858 7. Shreyas Talpade and Dipti Talpade with Sanjeev Kapoor DSC_4383 8. Sanjeev Kapoor's Book Launch DSC_4266 9. Sanjeev Kapoor and Roop Kumar Rathod playing Jugal Bandhi  DSC_3832 10. Sanjeev & Alyona Kapoor with Roop Kumar Rathod DSC_3952 11. Sanjeev Kapoor with Harsha Bhatkal  DSC_4021 12. Sanjeev Kapoor Cake Making  DSC_4213 13. Shreyas Talpade and Dipti Talpade with Sanjeev & Alyona Kapoor  DSC_4391 13a. Shreyas Talpade and Dipti Talpade DSC_4400 14. Amy Billimoria with Sanjeev Kapoor DSC_3988 15. Vivek Mishra with SAnjeev Kapoor DSC_4448 16. Rashna Shah with Sanjeev Kapoor DSC_4050 17. Roop Kumar Rathod, Anoop Soni, Shreyas Talpade, Sanjeev Kapoor, and Harsha Bhatkal  DSC_4472 18. Roop Kumar Rathod with the Book DSC_3998 19. Juhi Babbar with Anoop Soni with the Book DSC_4301 20. Roop Kumar RAthod with Amy Billimoria with the book DSC_4357 21. Vivek Mishra with a Friend DSC_4346 22. Alyona Kapoor with Zeba DSC_4483 23. Harsh Bhatkal DSC_4502 24. Rashna Shah DSC_4076

A jamming  fusion session with sanjeev kapoor on his drums and roop kumar rathod with his song was a super hit for the evning ..and came as a surprise to all

Event was attended by Amy Billimoria, Vivek Mishra & others who had come wholly & solely to wish Sanjeev for his new book.

Delighted Sanjeev exclaimed, “ My first Valentine is cooking & this year I bring to you delicious recipes because Love is in the Chocolate. Pamper your loved ones with chocolates & you’re all set.”

The chocolate mystery is about to be unraveled. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor in his usual, simple and non fussy style has dealt with chocolate and come out with this lovely book called Aah! Chocolate. The book covers all aspects of chocolate that you need to know about. You won’t need to admire these delectable creations from a distance at bakeries and chocolate shops anymore. They can now be made by you, in your home kitchen. After this book, even you can proudly display your chocolate concoctions up on those shelves and become a master in handling chocolate. This will surely lead you along a path of more happiness and love.

The Guests Capitulated themselves with Gorgeous Paan Chocolate and chocolate shots with chocolate Gajar halwa,which was Sanjeev’s receipe from the book and won lots of appreciation.

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