Poonam is the new One-Take Pandey in town

By Aryeman Raj

It is a known fact that actors making their debut are usually a nervous and stiff lot. Re-takes over the smallest of scenes are a common occurrence. But when it comes to actor Poonam Pandey, the
bindaas girl has been wowing her production team with her dedication and acting prowess.
DSC_5318 DSC_8980 DSC_9088 EXCLUSIVE POONAM PANDEY from the Sets of NASHA
Poonam managed to complete the first shoot schedule bang on time, and with no retakes for any of her scenes. So much so was her concentration and grip on the script that she managed to live the
character on the sets.

Poonam is called the girl with an attitude that rocks, and she has earned a new moniker on the sets. “One-Take Pandey” is what the production team has been referring to Poonam on the sets. After every
take, the director yells ‘cut’ and the production unit bursts into applause. A source from the unit added that it had become a norm on the sets now, as Poonam has set the standards so high on the sets that the unit members are extra cautious that they do not goof up on the technical aspects of the shoot.

Each shot and almost every scene was canned in the first take. The production team and the staff on the sets could not help but applause her performances. The director of the film, Amit, was pleased as a
punch with Poonam on the sets. “Poonam is a director’s actor, and she is a fantastic and committed actor on the sets,” he said.

Let’s wait and watch what One-Take Pandey has in offer for her fans. Take That!