Emeralds, every girl’s ‘new’ best friend

PANTONE, the world-renowned authority on colour has announced the ‘Emerald Green’ as the Colour of the Year 2013.

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The elegant, fierce, eccentric and unique coloured gemstone has been adorned by many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor and many more this season. Thus, making emeralds the much talked about Jewellery Trend for 2013. More and more women have been selecting emerald studded Jewellery as it satisfies their urge of possessing and showcasing something exceptional and unusual. Emerald studded engagement rings have also grown to become the latest ‘hot flaunt’ as it adds a brilliant splash of color and allows more individual expression than ever before.

Now, stating that coloured gemstones are a girl’s ‘new’ best friend wouldn’t be wrong!

Manish Chaturvedi launches calendar in association with VEMB Lifestyle


Manish Chaturvedi- an independent fashion photographer launches ‘Manish Chaturvedi Calendar 2013’ in Mumbai today amidst much fanfare. The calendar has been launched in association with premier fashion brand VEMB Lifestyle Private Limited. Manish Chaturvedi’s theme for the annual calendar is to project women as the driving force of Indian society’.  The calendar launch saw eminent Bollywood personalities like Vindu Dara Singh, Dina Singh who were present at the launch. Also present were model Nikola Markovic and model turned actress Jasmine May from London. Anastasiia Vygovska from Ukraine is the lead model in who has been featured in the calendar.

 2013 Manish Chaturvedi Calendar 02 2013 Manish Chaturvedi Calendar 03 2013 Manish Chaturvedi Calendar 04 2013 Manish Chaturvedi Calendar 05 2013 Manish Chaturvedi Calendar 06 2013 Manish Chaturvedi Calendar 07 2013 Manish Chaturvedi Calendar 08 2013 Manish Chaturvedi Calendar 09 2013 Manish Chaturvedi Calendar 10 2013 Manish Chaturvedi Calendar 11 2013 Manish Chaturvedi Calendar 12 2013 Manish Chaturvedi Calendar 13

“This time around, we thought of having a different theme where the new age woman is not merely a catalyst or a woman of substance, but is a driving force in the Indian society. Women have come on par with men in all walks of life and this was the rationale behind the photo shoot this year. The pictures have been beautifully shot with the same line of thought, explained Manish Chaturvedi.”

On this occasion, Punit Agarwal, Managing Director, VEMB Lifestyle, said, “We are happy to associate with Manish Chaturvedi for the second time in a row as each year he has come up with a very innovative theme. His sense of style, concept and fusion of various objects makes his photographs more appealing. Besides that, working with Sara Loren was an absolute pleasure.”


Launch of “The City That Never Sleeps”- Bollywood Hunt contest


2013 is bringing new opportunities for vivid talent to be a part of Glamorous B-Town, the Bollywood movie “The City That Never sleeps” releases their major Talent Hunt Contest called “The City That Never Sleeps – Bollywood Hunt”.

The hottie actress Veena Malik has announced her first ever online reality contest “Veena Ka Hero Kaun”, here she will select a perfect face to match the Jodi for her movie. The event has witness a grand performance by Veena Malik in shiny dress and was seen sizzling with media persons. 

She said, “I am very happy that I get chance to select Mr. Perfect opposite me for my movie. This is first time ever in Bollywood the heroine gets a chance to choose her hero through online reality show. So boys get ready here comes the Drama Queen”

aryemanjpg Haroon-Rashid-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Event Haroon-Rashid-with-Satish-Reddy-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt Loungue-Fernandez-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps Event Loungue-Fernandez-with-Yvetta-Shaw-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.jpg2 Loungue-Fernandez-with-Yvetta-Shaw-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.jpg4 Satish-Reddy-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Event Satish-Reddy-with-Veena-Malik-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.2 Satish-Reddy-with-Veena-Malik-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt Satish-Reddy-with-Veena-Malik-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Event Stereo-Nation-Taz at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Event Taz-of-Stereo-Nation,-Satish-Reddy-with-Yvetta-Shaw-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Event Taz-of-Stereo-Nation-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt Taz-of-Stereo-Nation-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt1 Taz-of-Stereo-Nation-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt2 Taz-of-Stereo-Nation-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt3 Taz-of-stereo-Nation-with-Vivek-Mishra-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt Vandana-Vadera,-Haroon-Rashid,-Satish-Reddy,-Taz-of-Stereo-Nation,-Veena-Malik,-Yvetta-Shaw,-Loungue-Fernandes-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Event Vandana-Vadera,-Taz-with-Vivek-Mishra-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt Vandana-Vadera-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt Vandana-Vadera-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Event Vandana-Vadera-with-Satish-Reddy-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt Veena-Malik-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.4.j6 Veena-Malik-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.4 Veena-Malik-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.5 Veena-Malik-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt Veena-Malik-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.jpg1 Veena-Malik-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.jpg2 Veena-Malik--The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt1 Veena-Malik--The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt2 Veena-Malik--The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt3 Veena-Malik--The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt5 Veena-Malik--The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt7 Veena-Malik--The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt8 Vivek-Mishra-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt Yvetta-Shaw-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.3 Yvetta-Shaw-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.4 Yvetta-Shaw-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.6 Yvetta-Shaw-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.7 Yvetta-Shaw-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt Yvetta-Shaw-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.jpg1 Yvetta-Shaw-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.jpg2 Yvetta-Shaw-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt5 Yvetta-Shaw-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Event Yvetta-Shaw-with-Vandana-Vadera Yvetta-Shaw-with-Veena-Malik-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.1 Yvetta-Shaw-with-Veena-Malik-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.2 Yvetta-Shaw-with-Veena-Malik-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt.6 Yvetta-Shaw-with-Veena-Malik-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Bollywood-Hunt Yvetta-Shaw-with-Veena-Malik-at-The-City-That-Never-Sleeps-Event

Hollywood stardom Jeremy William, a leading actor of the movie who also was the part of event where he announced a contest “Mai Chunuga Apni Heroine” through video conference. He said, “I want to cast someone like Rekha, Hema and Madhuri Dixit as they are Bollywood Golden Divas and Beauty of India. I am here to choose my perfect co-partner who can make me woo.”

Bollywood Hunt will give a grand platform to explore hidden talent. There will be no limitation to showcase your talents like singing, music, dancing and acting. The contest will give you a remarkable opportunity in Bollywood.

British born pop icon and legend singer Taz of Stereo Nation was seen doing bhangra. He was recently honoured with “Wall of Fame” in Coventry is on mission to search a new voice through contest “Kaun Hoga Bollywood ki Nai Awaaz”, he said, “This platform gives you a start where you can either begin your career here or wait for opportunities. So it all depends on how hard you are going to work and practice and how dedicated you are.”

Oscar winner “Slumdog” choreographer Longinus Fernandes was seen performing his best moves with UK actress the Muscle women Yvetta Shaw. He is going to select best item dancer through the contest “Lakho Me Ek Hogi Meri Dancing Star” the most exciting dance reality show of the year. He said, “Dance is an art and I want someone who can portray the art in the best form of it. I am looking forward for someone who can do the justice with dance and moves.”

The producer Satish Reddy said, “This is a unique kind of online reality show where Veena will choose one person to act opposite her. That ‘s not all, another actor, singer and item girl will also be selected in a show”.

The lead actors of the film will make a Pan-India tour of all metros and important cities in India and abroad for the promotion and awareness of the contest and will invite people from all over the world to come and participate in this once in a life time opportunity. The film is set to break 20 Guinness World Records, a feat never been achieved by any movie in the history of 100 years cinema.

At the launch of ‘Bollywood Hunt’, film director Haroon Rashid said, “Bollywood has ruled the hearts of billions for ages and we are grateful to the fans for appreciating our films. We feel proud today to present to the world, a film that shall not only have renowned actors and actresses from Bollywood and Hollywood. The USP of my film is unique, it’s based on real fact of life and it will follow on next generation”.

Will Sana Khan star in Salman Khan’s next project?

Sana Khan’s bash for 100 days in Bigg B


Sana Khan celebrated and shared her beautiful memories attached at Big Boss House along with her new best Buddies Rajiv Paul, Delnaaz , Ashaka Goradia  at a suburban night  club ‘Shock’.

Party was hosted by her BFF Mrs Bharti and Mr Kapil Mehra. We spotted Simi Chandoke , Daler Mehendi’s son Gurdeep Mehendi, Rohit Bakhshi.Sana may not have won the title of BIG BOSS, she proves to  have made a place  in millions of hearts.

DSC_1994 DSC_2136 DSC_2183 DSC_2269 DSC_2314 DSC_2475 gurdeep mehendi kapil and bharti mehra kapil mehra, sana khan, rajiv and delnaa_1 press confrence sana rajiv sana ashaka delnazz sana and ashka sana khan sana n rajiv simi chnadhoke468

What really stood out with our interaction with Sana was that she is a extremely positive about life and the friends she makes. “I made 3 good friends in Bigg Boss and Ashaka, Delnaaz and Rajiv all have come over to celebrate my first bash. As for working with Salman, I would comment on this only when everything is sealed. Till the time I don’t face the ‘lights, camera and action’, I think it would pre-mature for me to comment”.


The host Kapil Mehra quoted, “Sana khan is one of those contestants who did not have a mask on her face and this made her  a very strong contender, and wishes her luck for a brighter future”.

Esprit Timewear contributes towards bringing a smile to every aging face


Esprit Timewear, the leading International Fashion Timewear brand in association with HelpAge India, was guest to Gul Panag, who donated her watch for HelpAge India.Esprit Timewear successfully encouraged their patrons to bring about a change and spread happiness amongst the elderly. With its ‘Exchange for Good’ offer which entailed a 25% discount on purchase of a new Esprit watch against the exchange of their old watch, Esprit Timewear fruitfully collated 250 watches which will be donated to HelpAge India. 


To venerate this achievement, Esprit Timewear invited Gul Panag who willingly agreed to donate her old watch for this worthy cause. She made her presence felt at the Watches and More outlet located at the Infiniti Mall, Andheri (W). Gul Panag graciously offered her watch for this activity. She said, “HelpAge India and I go way back! This is a wonderful cause and I am glad that Esprit Timewear invited me to contribute towards bringing a smile for the elderly, who personify nothing less than timeless beauty and knowledge”.

Vishal Gurtu – Director Operations, Rose Group of Companies presented Gul Panag with an exquisite Esprit Collection’s ISIS Pure White watch to match her classic beauty in exchange for her old watch. He stated,“We are grateful to have Gul Panag be a part of this special occasion. HelpAge India is working towards an extremely superlative and worthwhile cause. Over the years, our elders, through their prized and unrivaled life experiences have passed on timeless values and beliefs for the younger generation. Gifting them watches is a very small gesture to thank them for all that they have done for us”

Salman Khan and Mandhana Industries launch flagship ‘Being Human’ clothing Store in India


Superstar philanthropist Salman Khan, and Manish Mandhana, Managing Director, Mandhana Industries Limited today announced the launch of the flagship ‘Being Human’ store in India. This 4,000 sqft flagship store, located at Linking Road, is in addition to the existing exclusive brand outlets in Mumbai (R-City, Ghatkopar and Phoenix Market City, Kurla), Ludhiana and Ahmedabad.

1. Salman Khan at the launch of Being Human flagship store Manish Mandhana and Salman Khan at the launch of Being Human flagship storeSalman Khan at the launch of Being Human flagship store

Mandhana Industries have entered into an exclusive worldwide licensing arrangement with Being Human-The Salman Khan Foundation, to design, manufacture, retail and distribute ‘Being Human’ fashion apparel. The royalties received on the sale of this fashion line will go to support the education and healthcare initiatives of the Foundation.

Six months ago, the ‘Being Human’ fashion line was successfully launched in the world’s fashion capital Paris, through the shop-in-shop concept across 100 stores. This was followed by a massive launch of a 120 stores across Middle-East through fashion and lifestyle retailers Splash and Iconic of Landmark group.

Commenting on the launch, Salman Khan, the Founder of ‘Being Human’ said, “From a T-shirt, Being Human has now grown into a full clothing line with its own stores. I’m touched at the love people have shown for this brand and I invite them to buy original Being Human clothing from our stores or from select Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Splash and Jade Blue outlets.”

Manish Mandhana, Managing Director, Mandhana Industries Limited added, “Our offerings have received a fabulous response in the UAE and French markets. We are very excited to be associated with ‘Being Human- The Salman Khan Foundation’ and are all set to extend a unique lifestyle option to Indian and global consumers who are looking at contributing to their community in some way. ”

The ‘Being Human’ brand uniquely combines fashion with a humanitarian cause, setting it apart from other fashion offerings. As an effort towards sustainability, organic cotton will also be used in the composition of our merchandise. The products on offer include high quality casual-wear created in line with latest global trends. Clothes for men include T-shirts, shirts, shorts, denims and chinos. Women can soon choose from an exciting range of t-shirts, shorts, denims, tops and dresses. The women’s and children’s lines will be launched in March.

In India, Mandhana Industries Limited retail products are available across 30 large-format outlets including Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Splash, Jadeblue amongst others and there are plans to add 30 more shop-in-shop selling points to their overall portfolio. Globally, Mandhana Industries Limited has around 300 selling points as on date and will add another 80 by March 2013.

Inspector Yeda Patil protects women and dances with feet on fire!


Inspector Yeda Patil is all set to emerge from the corridors of corruption, as a saviour of goodness and a protector of women in India.

Sachiin Joshi 9 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group) Sachiin Joshi in Mumbai Mirror - Pic 1 Sachiin Joshi in Mumbai Mirror - Pic 2 Sachiin Joshi in Mumbai Mirror - Pic 3 Sachiin Joshi in Mumbai Mirror - Pic 4 Sachiin Joshi in Mumbai Mirror - Pic 5

Yeda Patil launches crusades against corruption of dance bars the same way Maharashtra home minister RR Patil does! He catches criminals and saves women from being raped and abused the same way Inspector Dhoble does!

Before you jump to conclusions or wonder who this new inspector is, let us tell you that he’s sharper than Dhoble and as agile than actor Prabhudeva. What! He dances? Yes, he dances as if his feet were on fire!

Yeda Patil is none other than Sachiin Joshi, who plays the character of a whimsical cop to the hilt in Mumbai Mirror releasing this week.

With a grand premiere at Mumbai’s PVR, the film directed by Ankush Bhatt, is already garnering rave reviews for performances, choreography, music, the cinematography, as well as some daring action sequences picturised on the lead actor Sachiin. Lets see what the future holds in store for this latest cop caper.

Bollywood Celebrating Lohri Di Raat in Mumbai


Saturday night was seen rocking by the Punjabis who were celebrating the festival “Lohri Di Raat” with Bonfire and in great enthusiasm and joy. The festival graces with many celebs from B-town, politician and cricketers celebrating the auspicious festival which was hosted by Charan Singh Sapra president of NGO Punjabi Cultural Heritage Board. Punjab Di Shaan Cricketer Harbhajan Singh who was first to arrive and was seen enjoying the fabulous tradition song with Vindu Dara Singh which was  sung by Salim Sehzada, Harbhajan Singh said, “When I came here, I Remembered my childhood days, with the bonfires, revdi and gajjak. I wish to all my fans Happy Lohri.”
Angad-Hasija-at-Lohari-Di-Raat CEO-Sony-NB-Singh,-Mukesh-Rishi-and-Charan-Singh-Sapra Charan-Singh-Sapra-at-Lohri-Di-Raat Charan-Singh-Sapra-with-Governer-of-Arunachal-Pradesh-General-J.J.-Singh Gulsan-Grover-at-Lohari-Di-Rat Harbhajan-Singh-at-Lohri-Di-Raat Harbhajan-Singh-With-Vindu-Dara-Singh-At-Lohri-Di-Raat Manpreet-Gony-at-Lohri-Di-Raat MLA-Ashok-Jadhav-at-Lohri-Di-Raat MLA-Baldev-Khosa-At-Lohri-Di-Raat MLA-Baldev-Khosa-With-Charan-Singh-Sapra-At-Lohri-Di-Raat Mukesh-Rishi-At-Lohri-Di-Raat Pooja-Bedi-And-Akashdeep-Sehgal-At-Lohri-Di-Raat Raji-Shrivastav,-Harbhajan-Singh,-Vindu-Dara-Singh-and-Salim-are-dancing-at-Lohari-Di-Raat Raju-Shrivastav,-Shrelyn-Chopra,-Charan-Singh-Sapra,-Salim-Sehzada,-Harbhajan-Singh,-Vindu-Dara-Singh-and-Manpreet-Gony-was-seen-dancing-at-Lohari-Di-Raat Raju-Shrivastav-at-Lohri-Di-Raat Raju-Shrivastav-with-Producer-Satish-Reddy-at-Lohri-Di-Raat Ranjeet-with-his-wife-at-Lohri-Di-Raat Salim-Sehzada-performing-at-Lohari-Di-Raat Shradha-Sharma-at-Lohari-Di-Raat Shradha-Sharma-with-Producer-Satish-Reddy-at-Lohri-Di-Raat Shrelyn-Chopra-at-Lohri-Di-Raat test Vindu-Dara-Singh-At-Lohri-Di-Raat Yukta-Mukhey,-Vindu-Dara-Singh-and--Charan-Singh-Sapra-dancing-at-Lohari-Di-Rat Yukta-Mukhey-At-Lohri-Di-Raat
Charan Singh Sapra was seen honouring Governor of Arunachal Pradesh General J.J. Singh, the governor J.J Singh said “Lohri is a very popular festival of Punjabis which is spreading brotherhood and I feel entire Punjab has come to Maharashtra”.

Mukesh Rishi was seen lighting bonfire with Yukta Mukhey. Shrelyn Chopra was seen wearing red sari and raising the temperature of festival and was seen shaking her hips on Punjabi song, she said, “I love this festival and it’s great to be here and celebrating Lohri with Punjabis.”

Shradha Sharma was seen dancing with cricketer Manpreet Gony. Love birds of television industry Pooja Bedi and Akashdeep Sehgal were seen enjoying Lohri together. Gulsan Grover, Angad Hasija and Ranjeet with his wife were seen Bonding and discussing about festival.

Commedia Raju Shrivastav makes cheerful atmosphere through his jokes. MLA Baldev Khosa, CEO of SONY NB Singh and MLA Ashok Jadhav were seen grooming on song till wee hours.


We are planning a major event for the Humanity cause.

Concorde Fashion Carnival – CFCL will be held in London.

Fashion Carnival is formatted in a way that we can serve humanity. Idea is to intact everybody with each other leaving behind all the Global Boundaries n other discriminatory rituals.

We at Concorde are looking for like-minded people to join hands to make my dream of ONE EARTH FOR ALL come true.

We require 21 female models (based in Mumbai). Please mail your pics and profile at Glamzone2012@gmail.com

Poonam is the new One-Take Pandey in town

By Aryeman Raj

It is a known fact that actors making their debut are usually a nervous and stiff lot. Re-takes over the smallest of scenes are a common occurrence. But when it comes to actor Poonam Pandey, the
bindaas girl has been wowing her production team with her dedication and acting prowess.
DSC_5318 DSC_8980 DSC_9088 EXCLUSIVE POONAM PANDEY from the Sets of NASHA
Poonam managed to complete the first shoot schedule bang on time, and with no retakes for any of her scenes. So much so was her concentration and grip on the script that she managed to live the
character on the sets.

Poonam is called the girl with an attitude that rocks, and she has earned a new moniker on the sets. “One-Take Pandey” is what the production team has been referring to Poonam on the sets. After every
take, the director yells ‘cut’ and the production unit bursts into applause. A source from the unit added that it had become a norm on the sets now, as Poonam has set the standards so high on the sets that the unit members are extra cautious that they do not goof up on the technical aspects of the shoot.

Each shot and almost every scene was canned in the first take. The production team and the staff on the sets could not help but applause her performances. The director of the film, Amit, was pleased as a
punch with Poonam on the sets. “Poonam is a director’s actor, and she is a fantastic and committed actor on the sets,” he said.

Let’s wait and watch what One-Take Pandey has in offer for her fans. Take That!

Fashion show and launch of Telly calendar 2013

The launch of Telly Calendar 2013 by Marinating Films director Sunny Arora and Annand Mishra, unveiled their Calendar at a suburban five star, on 10th Jan 2013. . The Show started by Indian Idol winner singer Abhijeet Sawant and Rajesh Kumar being a perfect host for the evening.

1 DSC_6076 DSC_6092 DSC_6128 DSC_6199 DSC_6225 DSC_6226 DSC_6238 DSC_6245 DSC_6253 DSC_6270 DSC_6281 DSC_6294 DSC_6301 DSC_6306 DSC_6330 DSC_6345 DSC_6352 DSC_6356 DSC_6403 DSC_6411 DSC_6427 DSC_6446 DSC_6458 DSC_6475 DSC_6492 DSC_6498 DSC_6540 DSC_6568 DSC_6590 DSC_6598 DSC_6678 DSC_6698 DSC_6713 DSC_6721 DSC_6728 DSC_6751 DSC_6776 DSC_6783 DSC_6787 DSC_6810 DSC_6835 DSC_6853 DSC_6862 DSC_6876 DSC_6889 DSC_6896 DSC_6900 DSC_6907 DSC_6909 DSC_6915

The Calendar Girls –   Sara Khan ,  Sukirti Kandpal, Chahatt Khanna, Krystal D’souza, Ragini Khanna, Divyanka Tripathi, Sana khan, Rucha , Barkha  Bisht and Pooja Gor walked the ramp, followed by an award ceremony  for all the Telly Calendar Girls , with the final performance by  Toshi Sharib – (music composer )

Eijaz Khan, Naman shah and Kishwar Merchant were spotted too.