Life OK Launches new thriller, 2612, by Commemorating the brave hearts of the city



Since the 2008 terror attack in Mumbai, the city of dreams has never ceased to move. With the enemy at the gates, the city that never sleeps finally awoke. The incident that has marked and changed many a Mumbaikars’ life, has also brought to the fore the courage of unsung Heroes. Life OK now brings to the Indian audiences, a story of ordinary people entrapped in a situation through its new show 2612 that premiers on 26th November 2012 at 9pm. As a mark of respect, Life OK organized an event in Mumbai today to commemorate the real heroes.

Life OK, at its core has always believed in the philosophy of ‘Cherishing what you have’ and society and values are something that every individual can relate with. With the increasing number of threats to India, it is imperative that citizens stay alert and vigilant to prevent any misfortunes. Held in Café Leopold, Life OK begun the day by talking about the current scenario and how it is important for a nation to stand together to face the outside evil. Taking it forward to the larger society, Ajit Thakur, General Manager of Life OK organized a small felicitation event to pay homage to the unsung heroes of Mumbai. Present there was Dr. PS Pasricha, Former DGP Maharashtra Police, Sebastien D’souza, Photo journalist who was the first to capture Kasab’s image, VD Zende, the announcer at CST who alerted the general public about the 2008 firing and Devika Rotawan, witness to Kasab’s firing and one of the few who testified in court. Dr. Pasricha was the Chief Guest for the day, and shared some valuable insights and opinions about the current scenario. He advised people to be more wary of their surroundings. As each person took to stage, they shared their stories of the 2008 attack. Ajit Thakur, along with Dr. Pasricha commemorated those who did their bit for the society. A candle light and 2 minute silence gathering followed in remembrance of warriors who gave their life for the nation.

Said Ajit Thakur, General Manager, Life OK, “Any kind of terror attack leaves behind an imprint on the minds of countless people. Life OK today salutes those who faced terror with courage and saved millions of lives in Mumbai. Their acts of bravery and courage will be remembered forever to come. Through our new show, 2612, we are trying to bring people closer together, as one nation to fight the bigger evil. We want people to be more aware, more vigilant and most importantly, more united.”

Dr. Pasricha added, “I feel humbled that Life OK has taken this stand and done something for the people who have contributed to the society. It is often in times of adversity, that a nation sticks together. My plea to people is to stay united so that we can combat any hardship that comes our way.

An official launch of the show, 2612 followed the felicitation ceremony. Saurabh Shukla and the star cast including Shikha Singh, Mahinder Singh and Tejaswita were present there to pay their tribute and respect. Commenting on the launch of the show, said Saurabh Shukla, the Writer of 2612, “2612 brings forth new meaning to life, by enacting the tale of ordinary people stuck in extraordinary circumstances. I sincerely hope people across the country appreciate the story we are trying to tell, and take a stand to be more attentive.”


As the day went by, people from different walks of life came together to discuss the one topic that affects citizens the most. Putting this onto the small screen, 2612 is an engaging story of people trapped in terror plot, 2612 will air every Monday to Friday at 9pm on Life OK