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Churma Bhopali enters Lapataganj

Mukundi Lal Gupta, played by Rohitashv Gaur has an adversary in Lapataganj – Choorma Bhopali, a paan chewing opportunist with an authentic Bhopali accent and style of speaking.

Rohitashv, speaking about his character of ‘Choorma Bhopali’ says, “I am extremely excited to be able to play a double role and that too such vividly contrasting roles. I feel it is the ultimate challenge, test and opportunity for an actor to showcase his/her talent. It also shows the confidence a director has in you. I kept recalling the ‘Soorma Bhopali’ role played by Jagdeepji in Sholay and then did my homework and preparations. It was fun learning to speak with a Bhopali accent.”

Rohitashv has taken this role so seriously that he trained himself to get the authentic Bhopali accent right and started speaking with everyone on the sets in the typical Bhopali way. Not only that, he also started practising his lines while having ‘paan’ in his mouth to get his talking style correct to the extent that he was eating almost 40 paans a day.

Everyone on the set is very excited and impressed with the new avatar of Rohitashv and in fact his enthusiasm has rubbed off on his co-actors as well. All the artists and crew of Lapataganj have also started speaking in a Bhopali accent.

But, surprisingly his wife does not seem to be very impressed with him eating paan and has warned him not to touch Paan once the track is over. Says Rohitashv, “Another challenge I have is to get my wife fall in love with the character of Choorma Bhopali”.


What will happen next will Mukundi be rescued and will Lapataganj residents expose Choorma Bhopali and punish him? Will the builder succeed in his intentions?

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