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Sonakshi cools down her fans in West Bengal

There used to be huge crowds everyday on the sets of Lootera when they were shooting in West Bengal. At times almost, reaching about 1.5 KMS from the location (They just got back as schedule got over).

And for every shot the crew had to lock-up the sounds and ask for everyone to keep quiet while the shot was in progress.
Says a source..”They had crazy crowds first two days of outdoors pouring in from all corners of the fields. They had people helping from all departments to lock up vehicles, ,farmers,motorcycles,cyclists and general fans so that they were not visible in the frame while shooting. Someone or the other would end up making some noise and the actors would have to do the entire shot all over gain. The crowd had gathered just to have a glimpse of their fvourite stars Ranveer and Sonakshi..”
Vikas quote — “For the initial part of the schedule it got a little difficult to shoot as someone or the other from the crowd would end up making some noise. It was only after Ranveer and Sonakshi took things in their hand and explained to the crowd, the crowd cooperated.”