Authentic Lavani dancers to approve Vidya Balan’s item song moves

We all are very much aware of the fact that Vidya would be performing her first item number in the movie Farrari Ki Sawari directed by Rajesh Mapuskar. The song “mala jao dya na ghari” has already managed to make the audience go crazy and fanatical. It is a proper authentic lavani song. And if sources are to be believed vidya herself is taking a keen interest for an accurate execution of this song. The result however is fantastic.

Besides Vidya is taking personal interest and working towards perfection. From the sari to the accessories to the dance steps, she refuses to compromise on anything. Also Vidya spent over three weeks rehearsing the dance step with the troupe from Kolhapur. With such hard work put up from vidya, Rajesh Mapuskar is extremely satisfied with the outcome.


Even though the result is equal to perfection Rajesh Mapuskar and Vidya Balan insist on having the first screening with authentic dancers to see their reaction. It was hence a co-operative decision taken by the team to show it to a group of lavani dancers.

Rajesh and Vidya both are looking into the minutest of the details and are refuting to negotiate on authenticity.


However it’s for the first time where the screening will be shown to a group of dancers. Also they are sure that they would receive honest feedback. Rajesh Mapuskar confirms, “We want the song to look purely authentic, although we are in talks with a bunch of Lavani dancers from Kolhapur for the first test screening”.