Abbas Mastan impressed with Colors CHHAL

Bollywood director duo and the ‘geniuses of the thriller genre’ Abbas Mustan attend the opening ceremony of Chhal – Sheh Aur Maat marking the launch of the show.

Commenting on the thriller genre, the director duo Abbas Mustan said, “Thrillers have the ability to stimulate a viewer’s mood – create anticipation, build expectations, surprise, anxiety all in short time. The genre attracts a huge audience for its style of story-telling and showcase of edgy content. Having worked on numerous thrillers concepts, we believe this kind of content is engaging and entertaining. It’s great to see Television moving to this direction and introducing a show like Chhal.  The show has all the elements of watching a film – emotions, excitement, suspense and exhilaration that drives the story. It’s a must watch!”