Press Meet of Verve Motion Plus for ‘Chaar Din Ki Chandani’ Premiere

A press meet was held at the office of Top Angle Production in Andheri after the release of Chaar Din Ki Chandni. The media had a candid round of questionaire with the director-producer Samir Karnik, the ravishing Kulraj Randhawa and Vice President of Verve Motion Plus – Prashant Mishra who also the film’s distributor in Hong Kong.

Prashant Mishra (VP, Verve Motion Plus), Kulraj Randhawa & Arif Khan (COO, Verve Motion Plus) at a Press Meet of Verve Motion Plus for 'Chaar Din Ki Chandani' Premiere in HongKong

There were talks mainly about the lavish red carpet premiere the film has in Hong Kong on March 10th which has been organized by Kkings Entertainment Limited in association with Verve Motion Plus Private Limited.

It is the first time ever that a Red Carpet grand scale permiere is being held for a bollywood movie in Hong Kong. Also it’s the very first time that a Hindi feature film has been released in multiplexes with digital format in Hong Kong and this entire initiative has been taken up Verve Motion Plus and Kkings Entertainment Limited.