John: VICKY DONOR will lend credibility to sperm donation


John: VICKY DONOR will lend credibility to sperm donation

Bollywood actor John Abraham, who is going strong and has some cream projectsHOUSEFULL 2RACE 2SHOOTOUT AT WADALADOSTANA 2I, ME AUR MAIN under his belt, is gearing up for his first film as a producer VICKY DONOR, based on sperm donation.

“Shoojit (director) and I always wanted to work together. I am big fan of his work. When Shoojit came to me with the script of VICKY DONOR, I loved it and at that very moment we decided to present it together. That is how I turned a producer and I am quite happy in this capacity and enjoying this space. I remember I was a newcomer at one point of time and how the industry encouraged me, so I think the new talent should also be encouraged and given a perfect launch pad.”

Where many actors who turned producers prefer starring in their own film, John decided to go otherwise. He went with producing VICKY DONOR instead of starring in it. Says John, “Right from the beginning, when Shoojit showed me the script, it was clear that the film demanded new faces. And we have some very good casting in the form of Ayushman Khurrana, Yaami Gupta and Annu Kapoor. Moreover, usually the actor-turned-producers star in their first films to power their first films. But I think it’s better and important to present the first film effectively in the capacity of a producer.”

Nevertheless like any producer to create a buzz about the film, John would be seen doing a special video to promote VICKY DONOR. “Yes I do have a special appearance in the film. I have a song called ‘Rum Whisky’ in the film. Bosco and Ceaser are choreographing it,” confirms John.

John’s VICKY DONOR is the first film which deals with a delicate topic like sperm donation. Under such scenario ask John about the treatment of the film and acceptance of such unusual topic and he points a reference of his own film DOSTANA in the past, “The concept of sperm donation is first of its kind and very unique. It has to be treated with lot of care. Homosexuality was treated in a very caricaturish manner till DOSTANA happened. DOSTANA to an extent gave credibility to the homosexuality and it was well accepted. Sperm donation which is a taboo for lot of people will be treated with lot of credibility after VICKY DONOR.”

John adds further, “There are no adult jokes in the film. It’s very tastefully done.”
John personally believes in sperm donation and emphasises on the topic. “I believe in sperm donation. From 1982 to 2002 in Mumbai itself, the rate of childless couples has increased by 50%. Today when we speak about sperm donation, it’s a taboo. But I think this is a topic which needs to be addressed. Having said that, VICKY DONOR is not a social film, it’s a commercial and fun film. We have touched the topic of sperm donation in the most respectable manner,” says the actor-turned-producer.

VICKY DONOR is all set to hit the screens on 20th Apr