Sriram Raghavan: AGENT VINOD is a roller coaster ride

The promos of AGENT VINOD are on and there are some neat action sequences and thrills pretty much on display. While Saif Ali Khan‘s characterisation comes with an air of mystery around it too, one does expect that AGENT VINOD has a lot more in the offering than some of the recently released action-drama-thriller affairs that fizzled without making any impression whatsoever. One wonders if Sriram has enough twists and turns in his 150 minutes tale that would keep the audience engaged right through its duration.

“See, the term ‘twist’ comes with its own complications and perceptions,” smiles Sriram, “Now when you look at Aamir Khan‘s TALAASH; it gives a clear indication that there are some major twists that would be unleashed at certain points in the film. On the other hand AGENT VINOD is different because it is more of a roller coaster ride instead of a tale that hinges on that one major twist. Of course something big would surprise you in the end but it’s now that there is a rabbit I would pull out of a hat. Other than that about 80% of the film would be fun with only the last part boasting of certain reality of today’s world.”

One can well trust Sriram here, especially since he has a knack of breaking stereotypes, as was evidenced in films like JOHNNY GADDAAR and EK HASEENA THI. Though none of the two were smash hits, they were still appreciated by those who saw them and later went on to become quite popular on the satellite and home video circuits.

“Both films are different though since in EK HASEENA THI, Saif was this cunning and inherently negative person where in AGENT VINOD, he is more of a mysterious guy,” divulges Sriram, “He has reinvented himself in films like OMKARA and BEING CYRUS as well. Now it is a new Saif you would be seeing.”

Well, we look forward to that happening once the film releases all over on 23rd March.