Veena Malik’s first Holi celebration


By Aryeman Raj


Veena Malik plays Holi first time in India  with Aanand Balraj and Kishore Bhanushali for Daal me kuch kaala hai at B R Studios,Juhu 

Veena Malik was going for her first dubbing in Bollywood for her debut film Daal Me Kuch Kaala Hai at B R Studio in Juhu. She was not aware of director Aanand Balraj who was waiting for her to play Holi .As she reached the studio Aanand Balraj along with Kishore Bhanushali and writer Vijay Akela came out of studio and had Holi with Veena Malik. She told that this is her first Holi in India. She also danced on her song Mdam Malai and Bombay with Kishore Bhanushali and Aanand Balraj. Her debut film Daal me kuch kaala Hai is releasing in May 2012.She also told media that I always try to play holi with natural colours which is eco-friendly and which good for the face and body. Aaanand got the gulaal made by natural herbs. Veena told media that if we will promote this message then people will understand better and will play with natural colours and they will have a safe and colourful holi.