Tusshar Kapoor’s On Screen Appearance Creates Commotion

Tusshar Kapoor decided to take his on screen avatar a little too seriously and ended up in a minor scuffle.  Tusshar Kapoor who plays the character of a Sardar in his forthcoming movie Chaar Din Ki Chandni decided to sport the look  of the Sardar at the promotional event of the movie recently  and ended up being pushed and shoved by the bouncers of his co-star Kulraj Randhawa..

Tusshar and Kulraj were to unveil the hoarding of their movie in Andheri,  when he turned up in his get up of Pappi Sardar. The bouncers didn’t recognize him and pushed him thinking him to be a commoner who was trying to get close to Kulraj. Sources present at the event inform that “ Tusshar pushed him back and a minor scuffle ensued between  the bouncer and him, until the bouncr told him tat he was the actor himself.”

Tusshar confirmed the story and blamed the organisers. “Since I play a sardar in the film, I went sporting that look. I was wearing dark glasses and people didn’t recognize me when I reached there.  May be there was miscommunication on part of the organizers” says Tusshar.