Ashmit Patel goes nude for publicity

A few weeks ago, Pakistani starlet Veena Malik’s nude photoshoot with ISI tattooed on her arm for the Indian version of FHM magazine was hot fried news. Now, as if taking a cue from his girlfriend Veena, Ashmit Patel has gone nude!

Yeah, the actor in a magazine’s photo is shown hiding his private parts with an undergarment. Lol. What next? Ashmit has shed his clothes for a men’s health magazine to help guys opt for the right underwear.

Before her controversial FHM shoot, Veena Malik gained popularity in India when she got invited on the country’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss because of a controversy with actress Neetu Chandra. On the show, she attracted further notoriety when she cootchie-cooed with Ashmit.

Hmmm these lovebirds sure know how to influence each other professional as well as publicity wise